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Video Transcription
further down the left hand side, we come to the last two buttons, these air for history and notes.
The history button will show you the edited history for the slide that you are currently on. Each time that you make a change to your slide, it will save it in your history,
as we can see here with my second slide, I have a couple edits in my history.
I am able to go through and select the different edits, and we can see my slide changes based on what I am choosing.
This is great if you change your slide, but remember, you had a better version a couple of hours ago and want to revert without redoing. The work
under history is the notes section. This is where you would add any speaker notes into your presentation that will help you in recording your course. Please note that adding any speaker notes might change your recording set up as we wouldn't want the notes to show up in your official course recording. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to a member of the cyber, a team
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