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Our last active in this module is to describe the scope or scale of the large, high purple attacks that have occurred recently. The goals of Attackers have changed dramatically and are now mostly associated with financial game.
Today's largest attacks are not directed at individual, but more often are directed at company data and applications structures that are not properly encrypted or secured.
Often, these attacks also do not specifically target a company's assets, but instead of folks on gathering personal data from both employees and customers, including personally identifiable information or PII II
transactions and financial data
and also account password information.
Further complicating the problem is the fact that these attacks often persist for prolonged periods before they're detected, and companies are reluctant to publicly disclose the events.
The screen shows some of the larger recent high profile attacks associated with the number of accounts that are known to have been affected.
You might also notice that an emerging trend is a dramatic increase in ransomware attacks.
For example, want to cry
ransomware attacks, encrypt data stores and force victims to pay a fee to decrypt their data, and have been associated with not only criminal numbers but also state affiliated cyber terrorists

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