Module 1 - Modern Forensics

Module 2 - Investigative Process

Module 3 - Searching and Seizing

Module 4 – Digital Evidence

Module 5 – First Responder

Module 6 – Computer Forensics Labs

Module 7 – Hard Disks and File Systems

Module 8 – Windows Forensics

Module 9 – Data Acquisition

Module 10 – Recovering and Deleting Files

Module 11 – Access Data

Module 12 – Image Files

Module 13 – Steganography

Module 14 – Application Password Checkers

Module 15 –Log Capturing and Event Correlation

Exam Module

Hard Disks and File Systems

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Hard Disks and File Systems


Welcome to Module 7, Hard Drives and Files Systems.  This introduction gives a nice overview of what’s behind the computing systems we utilize.  It outlines the two types of hard devices, defines the variety of hard drive speed and capacity, then explains in details the different types of files systems, their logical structures, and what the most popular ones are.

We discuss partitioning, what he master boot record is and what a DD Command is and why it’s critical to know and understand how to manipulate it.

You’ll learn why it’s important to know how to perform certain tasks manually even though there is system software that will do it for it, as well as how connectivity interfaces with hard drives vary and the pros and cons they bring with them.

And finally you’ll review in minute detail master boot record functions relative to the various operation systems and you’ll learn why it’s critical to know and understand the full life cycle of every transaction on your device relative to the operating system environment it lives in.

As part of Module 7, Hard Disk and File Systems demonstrations, you’ll gain hands on experience with the following labs:

  • Efsinfo Lab
  • FileScavenger Lab
  • Process Monitor Lab
  • Regshot Lab
  • Easycleaner Regshot Lab
  • HDValet Regshot Lab
  • Rname IT Lab
  • System Information for Windows Lab
  • Add/Remove Pro Lab
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