Hands-on Lab Environments in the Information Security Fundamentals Career Path

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Video Transcription
hi And this lesson, we're gonna introduce you to the lab environments that come with the information security fundamentals, career path.
These virtual lab environments come pre configured and could be launched safely from your Web browser, saving you time and money from setting them up yourself.
Many of the labs will enroll in are meant to give you an introduction to tools and scenarios you can expect to experience as a cyber security professional.
Our first live will give us an introduction to wire shark, and we'll get hands on as we launch wire shark and analyze a peek at file.
Why're Shark is an industry leading open source packet analyzer that is used for network troubleshooting and analysis, as well as a variety of other functions will then go walk through a scenario of analyzing and classifying a piece of mount where finally will utilize a popular open source tool called John the Ripper to crack passwords discovered on a Windows machine.
Your cyber re membership features over 1500 hands online modules to help you develop new skills to make you more marketable in your career.
While this career path will feature just a few, we encourage you to explore your curiosity and dive into anything that might interest you.
You're about to get started with your first course. If you're new to online programs recommend you set aside time each day to continue to make progress with your career path. Consistency is key. And remember, the cyber community is here to support you, so you never feel like you're learning a. Well, let's get started.