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All right. Welcome to handling bit Locker and fire. All file vault to encrypted drives with elementary and mount image Pro. That's gonna be a lot of fun.
So, um, we learned how to identify bit Locher file about it just by signature. Really simple stuff there. Um, we learned how to acquire a foul ball of Mac with elementary. We just went through the standard dead boot process. No big difference there.
And then we used Mount Image Pro to decrypt both a Mac encrypted volume and a Windows
encrypted volume.
Like I said, you're gonna run into this stuff all the time. If you're working as a professional computer, forensics or incident response. Ah, person. It's just It's just a fact of life out there. Now. You need to have multiple tricks and tools in your tool bag to deal with it. So I put this one in your tool bag and come run with us

Handling BitLocker and FileVault 2: Evimetry and Mount Image Pro

In this course we will look at forensic collection of fully encrypted Windows and Mac computers with Evimetry.

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Brian Dykstra
CEO and President of Atlantic Data Forensics