Grosse Point Orthodontics Part 1

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I'm Mike Storm, cybersecurity principal engineer with Cisco Systems. Today we're in Michigan with an organization called Grosse Pointe Orthodontics, and we've heard that they recently had an I T. Security makeover. Let's go take a look.
So tell me what's more important? Flossing or firewalls? Flossing. Absolutely. You got to make sure your gums are nice and healthy. Are you sure? No way. We're getting the rhythm. So taking a look around, you've got a super high tech office here. Grosse Pointe. What are your computer skills? Like your security skills? I have no security skills.
Orthodontic and wise
were top notch. We've got that all under control in terms of how it all works. Behind the scenes with my servers and that kind of stuff. I don't quite understand how that goes. I don't have an orthodontist. I am not an I t. Person. I don't know computers. I don't know software. I don't know malware or spyware. Anything like that. I know how to put braces on kids and give them a $1,000,000 smile.
I spoke with Tom from a GS, the managed services provider for Grosse Pointe orthodontics
security through anonymity. People thought I'm nobody so I'm secure because no one's gonna find me. Computers and service on the world now are so fast, they're hitting everyone across the globe. Doesn't matter who you are. If you're not protected, you're vulnerable.
One of the first part of your process before you actually did the deployment which you came in and did a security audit where you could actually watch the network for a few weeks. What did you find?
There was a lot of attacks on a network. Doesn't mean that the network has a celibate breaches that we're We're observing attempts specifically? Yes, kind of. Ah, testament to the poorest nature of the previous security was like a Swiss cheese that were put in front of our network. There didn't work out too well. Data is data bigger, small. They're coming after everybody. Have you heard of Ransomware?
Yes, and it's very scary. If all of your patient files were suddenly encrypted and you could not access them,
how would that impact your business? Be shut down? I spoke with Alex from a GS and also bomb from Tech Data Tech Solutions. So So, guys, you got to tell me what's tougher to fight plaque or ransom. One
ransomware plaque I could get rid of. Go see a dentist. No brainer. There's no silver bullet security. It has to be multilayered security. And at the end of the day, you have to be protected. We can't prevent everything. And there's no solution. Is you said that 100% but we're taking all the preventative steps that we
and now the news is talking about it more. And in the back of your mind, you're thinking OK, it's my data safe. We have patients, Social Security numbers,
credit card information and being hit compliant. You're responsible for that. It's all on me. We want to make sure that the practice is safe and they have the security systems to back up our data. Next up, we take a look at exactly what's going on with gross points network and the rial life threats they face
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