Grosse Point Orthodontics Part 3

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44 minutes
Video Transcription
I'm Mike Storm. Welcome to Episode three The final chapter in Grosse Pointe Orthodontic Cisco Security Makeover
A G s came in and they said, We've done this behind the scenes audit and it looks like somebody tried to get in 144 times.
You guys did install a new firepower firewall in G f W. But you also got into that security solution. You've got the umbrella got the i P layer protection. You've got the email security connection into their cloud based email. So the easiest way to keep this environment secure. Any environment skier is umbrella the DNS level off security that we're going to be able offer company.
It is very simple to install protects everything
inside of your network if it's a wireless device that the patient brought in, you know, because of umbrella that those devices have just another level of security that it didn't have before. Everything uses DNA every to use the Internet. You have to use DS making sure that outgoing traffic is being blocked and in real time, really,
because especially with ransomware in the emergence of that problem,
immediate is what you need. The reason that we choose Cisco the reason that I prefer Cisco. You don't have to manage this product. It is doing what it needs to do, and it's doing it best by itself. You will be attacked. Why Cisco Security Something that that you truly believe in and stand behind their three things. Number one is architecture.
Cisco Security is the only vendor out there that's has a complete solution. And before, during and after that.
Second is the palace. Keep the good guys protected and make the bad guys describe. And the 3rd 1 is the AM gives you the capability off retrospection ability to go back in time when the fight is good. Tell us, is great because it's
massive workforce of people who are dedicated to just malware protection, which is where most of our viruses in our our actual infections are 19.7 billion attacks a day protected. That's
what three for every man, woman and child do the math on that record. Yeah, so have Cisco backing their product like that. I have all these people just looking at things on the Internet and updating all of our devices simultaneously with very little involvement for me, that's tremendous. That is way more than I could ever offer someone.
I was really surprised at the support that we get from Bang and the rest of the team. I think everybody's got perception, Cisco super expensive and then we deal with big companies. That's not the case. They actually have amazing small business product
that small companies can actually afford. It feels like we get same attention that a large partner would get. We have taken their network from this ground zero. This is infancy, really, and been able to say to Dr Marks with great confidence that your hip of compliance, your patient data, all the things that you hold
that that is your life with that this is your business
is secure behind this money, layers of security that before not were non existent. I feel pretty comfortable with everything, knowing now that my patients to secure their data secure. We have a lot of kids that come in and they log into our system and they're searching the Internet. They're playing on their phones while they're in the chair. I know that they're safe to their phones, are safe. I don't have to worry about anything
helps me rest easy at night.
Thanks for joining us on this Cisco security makeover journey. Make sure your network is protected with the right security solutions. And, of course, don't forget to floss. Like what you saw. Contact your local Cisco office and see how easy it is for them to help you.
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