Grosse Point Orthodontics Part 2

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44 minutes
Video Transcription
I'm Mike Storm back in Grosse Pointe orthodontics to get under the hood peak
at the clinic. Security. Weak points. So a G s came in and they said, we've done this behind the scenes audit. We were looking at your system over two weeks, and it looks like somebody tried to get in. What do they want? Why are they trying to get my stuff? Are they trying to get my patients information?
And what would that do to my business? So you had, ah, firewall that was previously given to you by your provider. And then a G s came in and did a Cisco funded audit. So they found 100 and 44 attempts at your data that you had to feel I was mad. You're mad.
She asked if she was protected, and I recommended that we do the P. O. V
and that it would give her report that we could then review. She didn't know where people were going. She didn't know what was going on in her network. So that's the nice part about P. O. V. Is you think you're protected, but at the end of the day, we find out that you're really not. And here's all the information that your network has provided.
So we drop in a 55 or six essay as a sense of
and were able to monitor and analyze what's going on in their environment. Anything that is happening between the firewall on their switch wearable intercept, kind of analyze that data and create reports for them so they can kind of see exactly what's going on on their network. What should they really be thinking about? To ensure that whatever they're responsible for
that that is protected. We look at all aspects of things. Look at how do we secure DNS Open DNS umbrella.
How do we secure the front end? How do we deal with problems if they breached the firewall? So it sounds like quite a team effort is required to bring all this together way. Have a GS and bond your from tech data tech solutions. So how does the relationship between you two guys come together? How does that work? What? We end up
working with the client, understand what they need, And as they continue to evolve,
we have to find solutions that work within their budget and the needs, and I can reach out to buying at any time, and he'll tell me exactly what I need from the Cisco perspective to make that happen. So we're here. It's an extension of Cisco Technical Resource on the blue side for Cisco security.
We support the theater partners, technical training and involvement
and technical support from the proof of value that was done here. We determined that there was many attempts yet many attempts that had gotten through the previous system. She was shocked at the report and the fact that there were so many attempts to get into her network, and she is very concerned about her patients data the fact that she's all digital,
and then should she get ransom or it would literally stop the office completely.
Check out Episode three to see the results of Grosse Pointe Security Makeover
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