Function of the Service Desk

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Video Transcription
Okay, My learners, we are on lesson 6.2 function of the service desk.
All right. So the learning objectives in this video, we will cover the functions and objectives of the service desk and how the different service their structures are implemented. This should be surprising.
All right, So the function of the service this so I tell, defines the following functions within the service operation the service. This is a single point of contact which is spot
for users when there is a service disruption or a service request or even mawr, um, categories of requests for change. So the service that provides that point of communication to their users and a point of coronation for several i t groups and processes.
So it interfaces with many other activities, and it captures and reports and meaningful management information.
So it handles those incidents in the hands of those service request in a centralized location,
And the important functions of it. So the value should not be misunderstood, right? So it's a good service that's can compensate for deficiencies elsewhere. So poor service this can provide bad impressions of other of other eyes. Effective I t organization
and then staff needs to have that right mix of skills when
being within a certain type of service deaths. Okay,
so when we just justification in rows of the service desk, so most organizations that they are keenly aware of the benefits of a service that's group right, so either because they are, they have realized some of this value already or because they are suffering from the lack of affected service. That's group.
So for organizations that are looking to invest in this area,
the following benefits should be considered to build a compelling case, right. So that's improving the customer service and satisfaction levels and increased accessibility to information through speak and faster turnaround in quality of requests, as well as increased focus and proactive service provision,
productivity within the users and to improve the teamwork and communications. Okay,
now, when we started looking at the service, that's objectives. Now. The main objectives of the services are to provide the spot between users and service providers on a day to day operational issues and request, right. So the service that we're focused on getting the users back work
by returning them to a normal state of operations as quickly as possible. Now this can include resolving incidents or fulfilling requests or answering questions. Now those specific type of responsibilities of the services will include logging or relevant types of incidents and service, suppress details,
allocating characters categorizations right or provide first nine support in response and diagnosis
in closing all resolve incidents in requests and other cause. And when you start looking into it till you update that CMS on the direction and approval of the S a C M. As agreed. So those are some of the objectives of the service I of the service desk.
And then when you go until you start looking into the service that structures because every organization have different structures and those structures off the service service that reflects the needs of the service providers customers. So the best approach will vary from different organizations potentially varying overtime within the same organization. So, I tell
it provides for conceptual structures that can be implemented as defines
or combined to fully meet the business needs, right. So within each structure, the service provider will need to find an approach ranging from leveraging a pool of general service that staff that can that can feel all cause up to a certain technical level and then incorporated Specialist UM,
service desk groups that offer additional specialized skills in certain areas but may not be able to fill all cause. And you have the local service desk. Then you have the centralized service desk, you have the virtual service desk, and then you have followed the son. That was a new term.
So the service that structure so you have the local service. That's the local service. That's right. So this is a structure that's reflecting the service that's being co located within or physically close to, the organization. It serves so foreign
for organization. With the users spread across four locations around the country, the service provider would need toe work with the business to determine if these locations are warranted
their own local service that so applying the local service that structure concept of an organization like this, each of the four locations will have a local service that's serving. There's as a spot for each location,
and then we go to the Central Service desk. In this particular, this is more of a multiple service desk. Um can also be merged into a single service that supporting multiple locations. Now the locate the location of centralized service Look desk
can be can range from being located in close President 72 the largest volume of users
toe to be to being located offsite or hosted by external service providers or outsource service debts.
And then you have your virtual service desk and your virtual service desk is more of an advanced service desk or a call center technologies that can actually often give that impression of a centralized service desk, even when the staff has spread across multiple structure or geographical locations.
So virtual service that's can be very small in terms of staffing or scale to meet the needs of a large organization.
And then you have your 24 7. Follow the Sun Service deaths. Now this service. This is more on the lines of being global or international. Organizations can combine two or more of these geographically dispersed services to provide 24 7 service that support,
while remaining physically separated technologies can incorporate
that allows for calls to be routed to each of these service. That's based on the time and the support call. So this allows each services to have staff one shift and enroll their after hours classes to service debts that is staffed for the next portion of the day.
So, in summary, um, less than 6.2 it provide we provided the function of the service deaths and the service that structures and the objectives of those particular services as a whole.
Alright, so we'll be follow on with our in the lesson quiz, and then we'll go on to the next lesson. All right, I will see you guys there.
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