Introduction to Footprinting

[toggle_content title="Transcript"] Hi, My name is Leo Dregier, in this module I want to talk about the various aspects of footprinting. Footprinting is a very important concept in the world of penetration testing because information is naturally disclosed everywhere and so what the penetration tester does is that he documents all of this information and the information can come from a variety of sources. So some of the information is going to be about our target, for example it could be our organizational websites, directories, anything regarding email. Ultimately we are going to have to reach out and we are going to touch a system so this is where IP addresses domain name blocks row websites - access points. All become very very important. Some of the threats that are possible with just foot printing in itself is could the information that you have gained here. Could that be used in a social engineering attack? Could the clients be subjected to a financial loss of some sort. So we are going to cover a lot of the tools and techniques that we would actually use. Most of these are available over the internet. At least I would start there. These would include things like job sites or anything that is realistically on the internet. Job sites, social networks, posting boards, and things like that. Now in the beginning part of the foot printing. It is really documenting all of this. But we are also going to cover some of the advanced techniques as well and I will show how. Instead of you having to go find information about your target. Well the advanced concept is you want the information to come find you. And I will show you how you can use learning websites for that. The biggest component here that we are going to use to dissect our target is going to be public registration of our target which is the DNS information and the Whois information. Also we are going to use email to our advantage as well. So that will cover the basics of foot printing. Now let us get into the really good detail. [/toggle_content] Footprinting is the most critical component of Penetration Testing in that the information naturally reveals itself.  Footprinting empowers accurate, on-point documentation and fact-finding of every target type from IP addresses, access points, systems, rouge websites to ID adverse activities which is the foundation needed for accurate penetration testing. In this module, you’ll learn all the key focus points, targets, and the key tools that enable successful Footprinting as you conduct penetration testing.  For example, the early segment focuses on documentation, what to target and how to document it.  Then you’ll learn about advanced techniques such as alerting websites that will facilitate info to come to you instead of you searching for it. The topics covered in this module are as follows:
  • Whiteboard, which shows the interrelationship of all the basic components you’ll utilize
  • And the following labs:
    • AnyWho Lab:
    • nsLookup Lab
    • Path Analyzer Lab
    • Ping Lab
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