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[toggle_content title="Transcript"] I want to check out any who. It does not matter if you are trying to gather information about people or employees of a company or a company in itself. You are ultimately going to be given the task of doing a reconnaissance on people and organizations. It is just that simple there is no polite way to do it. In the white hat case, the white hat has permission to basically perform a complete investigation. The grey hat, on the other hand sometimes uses questionable tactics. The black hat is typically in a different mindset altogether and they are trying to remain as anonymous as possible. So one of the tools that we use when we want to do some basic searching here is basically you just go to And we are just going to start poking and prodding around like a ethical hacker would poke and prod around. So we are going to go to find information about people. Now I am not showing you this to - you could have obviously done yourself. So find information about people - but I want you to make sense out of this information. You have ants that are here which are basically people wanting to be know in this category which is the first section in terms of heat map that people's eyes focus on, right. These are all going to be paid advertisements, same thing with the adverts at the top. Sometimes after the adverts you will get the information but they are nonetheless add altogether. Then you can go down into the actual benefit or I would call the new Google page which would be the section here. And you are going to see a variety of things - everything about life hackers and wikis and books and everything else but ultimately that is not going to help you. That is not going to get you to the details the information that you are going to find about people. These are just realistically resources but not the ones that we are looking for and in this case. I am pointing this out specifically because you are not going to find anything here. There is nothing about it - you would have to go to specific websites like just to find an example and you just basically look to see what you can find. Clearly you guys know my name, so it is Leo Dregier - city is Baltimore - state is Maryland. Expect everybody to be doing this. So let us go ahead and see what is actually there on yourself. So this is - you guys get to see me do this to myself. I am 94 years old - down here in sunny Florida. Drinking my martini's 94 years old that would be my grand father interestingly enough if he was alive today he would be 94 but you can see the previous addresses and the locations and things like that. Once he gets to click on any of the first few clicks here you are going to get some basic stuff that merely here gets some sales and advertisements. So this goes into what you get these are basically research companies and they provide research and statistics on a variety of things. So look at full name age the recent addresses or people. The history the phone numbers - the aliases - the maiden name of relatives. What properties they lived at - the series of properties that they have lived at. Even the value of their home. That is public information - whatever email addresses the internet could Google and find plus again statistics. They find the stuff all your email addresses. Social networking any sort of criminal records law suits if you have misdemeanors, any felonies all of this can be found out. Also here in this section, Leo Dregier this gives me some basic in addition to information you can see that I am married and my wife is Angela Dregier. Any of these types of things that appear these are going to be advertisements that we are going to want to stay away from those. You can further sometimes depending on the job site that you are evaluating you can get additional options like sort by state, or sort by education or sort by it will generally take you to other paid services. But look, you do have a small write up here - so let us say if there is any there, Leo Dregier, Abingdon, Maryland. I don't live in Abingdon, Maryland. We found records that Leo Dregier and Abingdon, Maryland found in current previous address. So it's trying to link me to this address and somebody is going to basically - you are going to pay them to run a report on their target and this case it would be Leo Dregier. Even with bogus data and you would see wow I would come back and that is what you get all the juicy things. These reports vary in price from on the cheap side. 20 or 30 bucks you can get a lot of information or you can go to what I would call a higher end more exhaustive this is typically now you have people involved with on the ground looking for the things that you want to look for. There is a human - a little bit beyond the computer. But those are higher end of the price range but let us go ahead and look at your name. Let us do Google - Leo Dregier – you can see an official website. You can see my LinkedIn profile, YouTube videos you can see information about recent books. Something that I had to deal with I think this is actual customer rating, Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, images. It starts connecting the dots - so this is also I would highly recommend doing but notice the difference between this is - this is highly targeted and specific information that you are looking for here. If I wanted to further this information I could basically start adding in my Google hacking commands. Like say if I wanted file types like pdf to see if there is any documents that Leo has in the pdf format. You find all sorts of information in this and in some cases we have gone different companies. We have evaluated we can pull contracts and documents and some of this was public record oriented. Some of it was the company order now - so you would be surprised what you could realistically find once you start combining the specifics with even more specifics and in this case I am looking for file types, URLs. I am leading up to using the advanced Google hacking commands to really dial these searches in. Another one that you should know here is Spokeo. Now, the reason why we do this is because notice how I search this. The name of your target and then spokium which is the actual service that I am trying to find information about. So in this case we are going to go ahead and click on that and apparently it is six results found for me. I have a very unique name - always uniqueness wins on the internet. You can see that there is only six but you are looking for John Smith or John Doe or something very, very, very generic. Now you are digging through a needle in a hay stack. In this case the only thing I can do on the free side here is just start poking around and see what I can find. So you know different addresses - you can do into the details park fill which is actually where I live. We will probably be able to see some of the different houses of the Dregiers. This is the Dregier clan right here! This is Northway Drive and my father is over here and I am over here. So you can even looking for a very unique name - you can find and tie in three pieces of key information. And I recommend everybody to do this because you realistically should find out what is it about you? So being an advocate for public information - the internet. Have you ever looked at your about the internet - you need to know how to evaluate that one for yourself and then two of actually apply that skill set to another company or individual organization. So between those two - I want to show you one more here. This is a good one Leo Dregier and it is ianzy and if you search for this and then it starts aggregating other information as well. So you can see Maryland, Baltimore, Parkfill, Nottingham all addresses that basically live that - the difference stuff that keywords get referenced to me. Some of them homes and real estates. Some of them certifications and some of them businesses. It also pretty much pegs some of the pictures here for myself. I don't see anything that looks like John Smith here. Here you could learn about my grandfather etc. Other services again aggregate information down here - also it connects different social networks. This is nice because this is just opens up a Pandora's box. Then you got Facebook of Leo Dregier, Myspace, Twitter,, Xing, LinkedIn, private home pages, bad news - bad news is I am dead. The list goes on my family heritage property information, books literature, related documents, publications, audios, videos, plenty of advertisements as well. Notice those should you want to go apply this, this is a great way to start investigation on just about anything that you want. It is used in the white house - in the white hat arenas, it is used in the grey hat arenas and it is also used in the black hat arenas. Welcome to the internet in 2014-2015 and way beyond. It is going to be here for a long time. So that is going to cover the basics on reviewing information online about any specific target. Immediately when I shows you those skills you are going to immediately apply them inwardly to yourself. You should not go out and personally evaluate other people. But know what is out there if somebody else is evaluating you and that is the moral of the story here. So thank you for watching the lesson this is don't forget to check us out on Facebook LinkedIn YouTube and Twitter. [/toggle_content] This Footprinting lab discusses the AnyWho resource, a footprinting reconnaissance tool used for gathering information on a target or on an organization. This Footprinting lesson demonstrates how to conduct an anonymous but detailed search using the site, which provides access to a wide variety of information and information repositories that are already in the public domain. An Ethical Hacker would AnyWho as one of their Footprinting resources on behalf of their employer or client.  
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