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In this lesson, Subject Matter Expert (SME) Kelly Handerhan begins a discussion of the Top 5 Mistakes that Project Managers make. Learn from them, and you can move forward successfully. In discussing the first big mistake that Project Managers make, Handerhan emphasizes that Project Management is not just managing tasks or just producing work. There are several other components of a project that must be taken into consideration: - Stakeholders - Value and benefits - Risk management - Scope You will learn the importance of understanding who your stakeholders are, how to communicate your project's value and benefits, how to manage risks through a "risk register", and how to use a "scope statement". Handerhan explains how Project Managers need to use formalized documents (many are available as free templates) to organize the project and how important it is to know - exactly what the scope of work is - what deliverables need to be produced - that sign-offs need to be obtained in writing Lesson 4 of this Module concludes the discussion of the Top 5 Mistakes Project Managers make.

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