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3 hours 35 minutes
Video Transcription
hello and welcome to P C Security Intermediate course.
In this lesson, I will be touching a little bit of topic off usefulness of having local fireable on a PC.
So when you talk about pieces security, my role is not necessarily something you must have, although it's pretty much always on. If you are using Windows viable,
why am
why is it not needed? Because if your company any have serious network security, you're having already, ah, firewall that is on the network and which is essentially preventing people from intruding from outside in.
If it's working properly, then you're pretty much safe, so you don't need additional level of protection on the PC.
So the Windows firewall is owned by the fault, even if you're using some other on 10 Mellberg's solutions. So, for example, on my street have you seen in the previous
video I'm using a vast anti virus software. Anti malware
between those far will is still on. So is there
on And um,
it is, let's say something that is always there. So even if somebody logs into network on them
on the unauthorized PC finds a way to do it. This fire role will slightly protect you from somebody penetrating to your machine from other machine that is essential inside the corporate. Let's work.
But what is Windows parable is really good is to implement something that would be some kind of blacklisting of sites that you're not supposed to excess. So if you're administrator, you can use firewall Windows firewall in the PC's and set it up remotely, not just to prevent people accessing
sites that you know that contained Mull over
because, as you remember, this list would need to be constantly updated because there are new Muller sites popping up like mushrooms off rain know what's What's happening is that we have a situation in which maybe there s some sides that company policy
doesn't allow users to access. So you can block these sites in the Windows firewall,
and it can be done easily and can be dropped down from from the top to doubt to the PC is relatively easily and essentially, this is the biggest usefulness of Windows firewall on a PC When you're using that PC in the corporate environment.
Now, if you're in small medium business environment in which
you don't have the main, you didn't. Don't have the main several. You don't have hardware of software, fire roll on your system.
Then what happens is that when those fireball is really useful So if you're a small company with died, you know, 10 20 piece easier. Of course, these things should be on and these things should be maintained.
The only problem in is in that in that environment, you essentially have to maintain it on every PC manually.
Which brings us to the idea that in this situation you should do the very advised procedure, which is to not allow users to be administrators on their own account. Because if they are, they can disable it sometimes even by knowing it. And then
and then you have a problem.
So in this video, you have learned how to use Windows Firewall on and why? How you for what purpose you can use it
on. And next lesson, I will be talking about security policies and the whole concept of security policies. When it comes to pieces security
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