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Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. So in the last video, we talked about what a brand actually is. We also talked about how large corporations are personifying their brand. So think Jake from State Farm.
In this video, we're gonna talk about how to find your why
so questions that you're gonna need to ask yourself. Number one, What's my goal? So maybe that's certification. Getting a job,
getting your degree, starting a business, growing your business, etcetera. But you have to understand what your goal actually is.
And then once you figure out that goal what your goal is,
figure out why it matters in the long term, right? So maybe I'm getting a certification because long term, I want to get a better job. Maybe I'm going back to school and getting that degree, because long term, I want to get a better job, make more money, get a promotion. Maybe I'm starting my business because long term, I want to save time to be able to control my time to spend with my family.
Maybe I want to make more money. I feel I'm not getting paid enough. My job.
Whatever the case might be but figure out your goal and why it actually matters in the long term.
Now you may have a goal like me, right where I want to educate five million people this year.
And so that's my goal, right? I want to educate five million people this year and the long term reason like why that actually matters, because I want to help people
empower themselves to give financially free
and also to improve their lives, right? So I've had a lot of students that
have taken my courses taking my training, and then they've been able to get a better job,
get more money and improve the lives of the families. In fact, I have one student. I think it was in Bangladesh, I believe.
But that individual was able to use some of the training I've provided out there,
get a better job, and then he was actually able to send his kids to school. I don't know if that was college or just like regular school, but that's all he had he had told me on. But that's really awesome, right? And that's why the matter Excuse me. That's why my goal matters to me in the long term because I want to have that kind of impact on people,
so you may have different goals. Like I said, maybe certification might be job based. Maybe you want to be a thought leader in the industry. So that's why you're trying to build your personal brand.
You made your starting that business. You want to grow your business. In fact, using cyber like teaching classes or doing work of teaching assistant can really help you build your business brand. Right? So your personal brand for your business, especially if you have a consulting business, because a lot of people will see you
teaching the course or doing some kind of activity related to cyber and give him back. And they say, Okay, hey, can you come in and teach my employees how to do that thing? Right? So that's a way you can help grow your business as well as the personal branding aspect of
people. See you as a thought leader, kind of naturally right. The more you're out there, the more you're exposing yourself in a good way, of course. Ah, but the more you exposing yourself
through, showing what you actually know and that you can actually do it. And you're actually contributing to make the industry better. That automatically is gonna make you a thought leader in the industry
and then relationships, Right? Maybe you want to use your personal brand to build relationships better. So you wanna have more business contacts. So that way, if you get laid off or something like that, if you're working for somebody else,
you can reach out to those people and say, Hey, yeah, I just got laid off here and they can immediately find you a job right? And that's really how this industry works. It's all about relationships. If you build the relationships first, you can get anything that you want accomplished.
So our wife statement of stuff. It's very important for us to you have Why statement? Now you don't have to, like, write this down. It's just something you need to kind of keep in your head as's faras what's really driving your right. So make sure it's like, simple.
It's clear, you know, Don't be like, oh, Superfund Kaliska spl ago. She's or anything like that.
Simple. Clear. Make sure it's actionable, right? Don't
don't have your wife statement. Be like I want to do this because I want 5000 Ferraris like Okay, that's nice. But really, what you were doing this forest, it seems like he want to make more money to put your family in a better position. So then you can have the things that you want, right? Which in this in that example, is 5000 Ferraris.
So make sure it's actionable. And it's something that you can actually,
um, implement in your own life and then a contribution. Right? So what kind of contribution is this? Why?
Doing for someone else or even for yourself, right. If we want to be selfish, they're just like the Ferrari example, right?
So what's the contribution there? So the contribution of the UAE statement and that Ferrari example is that
I'm doing this thing because I want to give myself this particular type of car and a lot of them right? I want 5000 Ferraris. So
that's how you craft your wife. Statement is simple. Clear action will contribution, and it really should just be a single sentence if you can do it. Um, in most cases, you should write, So I want to do this so that this right? So as my example, would you choose that five million people that I want to educate? So I want to educate five million people so that
they can improve their lives. They can improve their finances.
They can, you know, send their kids to college, whatever the case might be. But that's that would be my wife statement, right. I I want to educate five million people so that they could improve their lives.
So this was just a short video on finding her. Why? So take some time. It's very important to
get quiet when you're doing this when you're trying to figure out your wife statement. So, um, for those people that have Children, maybe you can lock yourself in the bedroom or in a closet or something and just tell the kids Hey, Dad, you know Dad or Mom just needs 10 minutes, and then you could think through your wife's statement.
If you live in like a noisy neighborhood or something like that. I've lived in a lot of in the past, a lot of little economic areas that were very noisy. Just try to find some kind of quiet place where you can sort of get your thoughts together and figure out your wife statement.
So in the next video, we're gonna go through researching a hiring manager. So we're actually gonna pick on Leaf Objection. Who's ah VP at Sai Buri. We're gonna go through his linked in profile on this kind of talk through different ways. We may be able to open up communication with a hiring manager and start building that relationships of that way as we apply for jobs in that company. Weaken.
You sort of have that insider's view of things right, and we can make that connection
and that can hopefully lead us to an interview or at least some advice about things like our resume or whatever and so we can improve things there.
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