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Video Transcription
I wanted to show you how to find vendors to use for your core. So when we mentioned vendors were talking about things like your labs, that students can go through assessments, even C TF challenge is so all the different things that are available to you as an instructor to provide to your students to help make a better course experience.
And as you already know, there's always more being integrated into the catalog. So we have some new vendors coming out later this year in 2019 and also next year in 2020. So always keep an eye out because there may be fresh content coming out as you're building out new courses on the platform.
So all we have to do is once we've decided on her course topic, we then just have to come into the catalog and actually search for that and find the lab's etcetera. For this example, I'm gonna be using penetration testing. So what we're going to do is we're gonna search first for penetration testing, see what we see.
Ah, and then we'll see if there's any results looking for more commonly search terms like ethical hacking
or even CH which is a certification from easy counsel.
So let's start off with two searching for penetration testing in the catalog and just to see what kind of information we get back.
So you'll notice that when we search for penetration testing, we get primarily courses that will either teach you penetration testing or that will mention it. So as an example, Security Plus has a brief module on pen testing. But these other courses were like advanced pen testing. That'll obviously teach you penetration testing.
We do see, you know, a lab here. And if we keep scrolling through this and look through the search results, we'll see some more labs. But really not a whole lot of stuff. So we may be thinking if we're instructor for pen testing, that there's really nothing available for us to use to teach your students.
But that's for the furthest thing from the truth. There actually is a lot of, uh, penetration, testing or hacking related content on the site.
So next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna use the more commonly searched ethical hacking right, because the media calls it ethical hacking. So everyone wants to be an ethical hacker and save the world.
So we do see some more results here. We do see that if we type in ethical hacking, it'll grab some assessments for us. Practice test. You'll even see my live course, that sort of stuff. But again, we're not really seeing a whole lot of labs,
and we could We could go through and scroll through all that, and that's fine. But let's try a different way now. What we're going to do is we're gonna think through some comments, certifications for this particular career path. So for pen testers, Ah, lot One of the biggest ones we see out there c e h. There's also a CP. There's probably two of the most common ones along with, like the G pen,
and so if we type in C E H and search for the certification prep,
what we're gonna notice is that as we come down here, the third result right here is a big bundle of practice labs for the sort of fight ethical hacker or ch certification. Prep it. Sam
s O. What we can do, though, for just teaching, penetration, testing. And we're not trying to train students just to pass this exam. We could still use these labs more than likely we. What we need to do is we need to log into them and launch them. And then, from there we can look through all the labs, make sure there's some labs that actually pertain to the course we want to teach.
And then we can use those labs and reference those
in our course. We can also do a step by step walk throughs of those labs in the course, and we can also take those labs and create our own labs. And what I mean by that is we can, for example, go into that sort of unethical hacker bundle grab one of the scanning maps were labs Excuse me where end map is available.
And then from there we can
create our own step by step lab guide with different things students need to go through based off and meth commands. And we want them to run, not just the ones that are mentioned in the lab.
So that's one thing that I actually like to do for my courses. I'll find a lab that has the tools and the other things that all need and then from there I'll actually just build my own lab guide for students to walk through based off of that. So that's another way you can sort of change it up, as opposed to students just going through a cookie cutter lab that they
confined in the catalog.
You can actually tweak it to really customize it for your course and then provide that step by step guy for them to go through it.
We can. Also as researching, in addition to just the topic, let's say that I want to search for not necessarily this topic, but I just want to see what's available from a certain vendor. All have to do. Just choose the vendor there. And let's just say it's an assessment. I want to look for assessment by interview mocha.
If I do that, I could see all the available assessments from them. As I mentioned before,
the content is always being updated. There's always new content attitude catalogue, so you may search today and not find what you're looking for. And maybe tomorrow or next week when you're getting further along in your course, you go back to it in your search again and Now you find, let's say, a Splunk assessment that you're looking for a couple weeks ago.
So just keep that in mind that there's always new content coming out, always fresh content.
And if you just keep searching for it as you're building intercourse as you go into each module, look for to see if there's any additional content that's available to you, then you can integrate in your course. Number one. It'll help make her course longer. If you actually put labs in there as opposed to a bunch of power points Number two, it actually makes it more interactive for students
s O. That way. Students like myself that love doing hands on
and really don't like watching Power Point videos. They don't just fall asleep during your course. You actually want them to be engaged, right? So these are all the things that we want to try to incorporate into your course, and you get a wealth of things offer to you in the cyber. A catalogue.
As I mentioned, we got some other vendors were integrating. One of those is next tech. So if you are watching this and you're doing a software DiBella development type of course, or anything around programming languages or even data science. They offer that type of stuff
with their platform. As an instructor, you could build out different challenges for, like python, for example.
So they offer that. So that's one thing coming into the catalog. We also have the L. O. D s. And with that, we are in the process right now with the learned on demand with instructors building out their own lab. So that's kind of still in the beta testing and making sure everything works properly and getting feedback and et cetera.
But just know that depending on when you're watching this video,
that may be a live thing for the site where you can actually go build your own custom lab. So a lot of super cool stuff that you can do to make your course a lot better for students. But inside the catalog itself, these air, that's ah, the easiest way to search for it is to think of different ways that the topic you're teaching could be searched for and found So one place I actually like to go
to find that information on different keywords that maybe I'm not thinking through is I'll goto like Google trends or something like that, and just search for, like, penetration testing
and just kind of see what else people are searching for. And that would help me identify those keywords if I didn't know them already, obviously, for pen testing, I know that stuff very well, so I know how people starts for it. But if it was some new topic that I was that I knew but not a lot of people knew about, I would search
to figure out how are people actually looking up that information, right? So, as we have seen with a pen testing,
a lot of people, at least in like Google searches stuff don't look a penetration testing. But they do look up ethical hacking. So that's a lot of times you'll see with these vendors. They'll name things like ethical hacking or even as we have seen the C E h for some of the common exam. So just think through all those different components of it as you're searching for content. And if you have any questions at all, if you still can't find something,
you can always reach out to the cyber team and we can take a look on our site
and see if there's something existing in the kind of log, or if there's something coming in the pipeline soon that we can let you know about. And if there's nothing at all, then what we'll do is we'll let the vendor that we need to get some lattes created for that particular topic area.
So, like I said, don't hesitate to reach out to us. So in this video, we just talked through real quickly about looking up different lab vendors, along with assessment vendors and C. T s, et cetera. So this is the way to do it. Just go to the catalog, search your particular topic, search some variations off that you again looking at the key words. How would people actually search for these things?
And then from there you should be able to find what you're looking for.
And if you can't, you can always reach out to the cyber team via discord, and we'll be happy to take a look for you and see if we can find, um, some labs that might be applicable to the course that you're teaching
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