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Congratulations on completing the CISSP Exam Preparation Course! In this video we review the modules (chapters) presented in the course. It's important to note that the material in the course should not serve as your sole source of study material. - Chapter 1: Security and risk management along with disaster recovery and business continuity. Most testable chapter! - Chapter 2: Asset security. Short chapter on classifying data and its various states. - Chapter 3: Security engineering. Architecture and design, security models, cryptography, security protocols and PKI. Very testable! - Chapter 4: Communications and network security. Layers and threats. - Chapter 5: Identity and access management. Authentication protocols and Kerberos. - Chapter 6: Security assessment and testing. Vulnerability and penetration testing. - Chapter 7: Security operations. Redundancy, clustering, RAID. - Chapter 8: Software development security. Secure software design, databases. Good luck!

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