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Hi, everyone. Welcome back to the course. So in the last video would talk through some basic tips for linked in to make your profile a little better there and this video, we're gonna cover some basic tips for Facebook and Twitter as well.
So for Facebook, I like to use
the three plus three approach. And what that basically is is I'm going to be commenting on three different people's posts and you could sort on Facebook by the most recent posts. So I'm gonna comment on those that are valuable or that I could give some value to. And then I'm also going to send three messages to people as well that I'm connected to.
One of the best ways to do this is to actually set yourself up as a Facebook page.
So just have your own Facebook page and then use that page to interact with other people's timelines.
You also wanna be consistent on Facebook. So with that, one of the best ways or easiest ways I found to do it is to create a group, so create a group based off what your target audience would be searching for. So if your target audiences to, uh, if your message is to try to
show people that you got skills in a certain things. So let's just say end map, for example. Then I would create a group of around one of the most common questions of end map, like, how do I do this or that? And then that would be the name of my actual groups. So everyone looking for how to do that would find my Facebook group on it, and then I could get those people in my group,
and then we're going back to the consistency. What I'm gonna do. Then, once I got you in my group,
I'll do live eso Facebook live sessions, and I'm gonna consistently do those right. So, hey, every Tuesday night, I'm live at this time.
Be sure to tune in to see me do this or that within man.
So that's what we're we mean by consistency there, Along with the three by three approach right, we want to consistently be commenting on other people's posts, giving value to them, sending the messages with more value, and then that, in turn, will bring all that back to us. As part of our branding
we can also use humor. You just have to be kind of careful with this yet really have to know your audience for that s o. I use like, a lot of cat memes and that sort of thing, But you may not want to do that, so just keep that in mind that humor is another option there to kind of break up the monotony. But I wouldn't over use it
for Twitter.
We really want to focus on your actual, like, Twitter profile. Eso we're gonna be using a lot of key words. So what you want to do there is again do a lot of research and figure out what are people that you want to reach? What are they searching for? Right, So, going back to the end map example Are they wondering how to do Christmas scan or something like that?
If so, those were gonna be the key words that you're gonna want to put in there, right?
And so you're going to use these keywords and you wanna get a good amount of them because what you're gonna do is use the keywords for not only your profile, so not only in your bio area there, but you're also going to use it
for your tweets, right? So every tweet should have some of these key words in it. So as I if I'm a person going on to twitter and looking for something, I find your tweets first, and I go and I interact, and I want to follow you, right, Because you're giving me the value.
That's all part of branding. Now with the branding.
You want to make sure that your twitter handle and your Twitter user name actually matched to the personal brand You want to do so as an example, If I was cyber re
my twitter handle and my user name should be cyber rewrite. It shouldn't be Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, right? That makes no sense, because people searching for that are gonna be confused like, Oh, is this really that account or or is this a fake account? Right,
your bio. Right. So you get about 160 characters from Twitter, so make use of that. Don't Don't just put I like long walks on the beach unless you're trying to date somebody.
But if you're trying to build your personal brand, put the things that matter right. Hey, I know. End map. I know. Burp sweet. I'm an expert in python. Whatever the case might be,
your photo tells a story, right? So at 200 by 200 pixels is the requirement from Twitter. But you want the photo to tell a story, so don't have it. If a selfie of you just getting out of the shower and flip flops,
you wanted to actually tell a story. So maybe it's showing you in front of a computer. You don't hacking away or whatever Whatever the case might be, you have to understand your personal brand in your why and that photo should convey all of that in a single photo
your background and make sure that you got background in there. You can customize your background with different widgets
rich media, so make sure you're using links and photos in your tweets, and that's gonna help them rank higher. And that way you don't use up all the characters available for your tweets. And speaking of characters, when you want people to re tweet your stuff, make sure you Onley go to about 100 20 characters, Max. That gives them the ability to actually tag.
Ah, there handle as well when they retweet your stuff. So
just be thoughtful of that. And that's gonna help you get more retweets
as well as hashtags. Right? So creature on Hashtags, in fact, over linked in,
um, Lately, some people have created a hash hashtag hype man, because I'm always, like, you know,
propping people up on giving people credit in the industry. Ah, and so that's a hash tag, right? So that's a hashtag that's created. I think there's maybe a few people following it. Whatever. But that's what you want to do with Twitter as well, right? Create your own hashtag that's appropriate for your personal brand and use that hashtag every time you tweet.
Pretty soon you're following is gonna pick that up, and when they re tweeted, they're gonna do the hashtag as well.
That's going to really help you in the Twitter s CEO to get your tweets on top and to really, really help you grow your personal brand.
So in this video, what is covered? A couple of quick tips for Facebook and Twitter
in the next video, I'm gonna show you a website called social media examiner dot com. It's got a lot of good information about various social media platforms and how you can use them to your advantage.
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