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Hello, Siberians. Welcome to lessen 8.1 off. Model eight. Off this cost. I, Zod, is that trees were one Microsoft Azure Actiq design.
So this is the final lesson off. Discuss on. I'm excited about it, because what are we sharing with you would be about preparing for the exam itself.
So what are we gonna be covering in this? Lessing? We'll stop out by talking about the landing pad for the trees. Will one exam,
then I'll give you some information about the exam itself. What type of questions should you expect on DDE? What time frame would you have to complete the exam?
Wouldn't talk about the delivery options that you have for the exam. Because there's modern one.
We'll cover some advice from me to you. What are some of the point of that? I think you may find useful as you prepare for your exam. And then finally, our share some information off what to do after you passed your exam.
So let's get into this.
So the first thing I want to share, which is around Lennon part for the exam. One of the coffins to mention is that this exam is non isolated example. In other words, the certification that you want to achieve. It's called the Azure Solutions architect expert level certification,
and you need to pass the two exams or you're looking at on your screen before you achieve the certification. So you have to pass the is that Stevie 100 exam, and you have to pass the Is that Terry 01 example. What I also want to emphasize is that this cost that you just went through
walks on in hand with the A's at 200 costs that exists on the cyber with platform. So you want to review that if you review the information in is a TV in dread and review. The information in is a prisoner 14 You take either off the exams.
You'll be in a better position than if you just reviewed. Is it divisible zero?
When you want to go take that exam, you want to review both courses together before you go, take just one of the exempt the walk on in hand together
when it comes to the land in part for the years of trees were one what they have on the screen. We tried to cover that would then this cross itself. What I mentioned is that it's not being covered in kind of linear. Wait, wait, showing up on the screen because that's where then the cost structure doesn't make sense off. We avenge the cost structure
in a way that makes sense. What we've covered. A lot of the concept
and some of the concept that made Lucas if they're not covered they had covered in the is that's divisible zero cost on the cyber re platforms. Avoid repetition. Simply cover what's not covered there,
and it's the same way if you go to the Is that TV on dread? Yes, set in information that you may need to be able to pass those exams that covered in this particular cost. So again,
use boards content and in end,
when it comes to the objective, the man of the exams or what you'll be tested on. Those are different percentages in terms of the questions that you get. So you get the most questions around a joy D and around identity and security, so as your ideas, your key votes, the concepts that we covered that you want to pay attention to those
and then finished like workload requirements, data platform solution, business continuity, continuity,
deployment, migration that we covered a lot of that when we looked at sequel on. When it comes to infrastructure strategy, those will be about 10 to 15 or 15 to 20%. When it comes to the questions that you get
some information about the exam,
the registration fee for the exam is about water and 65 U. S. Dollars. One finish that if you high student registered to an academic institution and you can verify your student status on the Microsoft website,
I believe that you get that for half the price. So if you're a student and you have a way to very fine, very, very student email address, you want a quiet and do that and get that discount
in terms of the languages that you can use to take the exam. You can take that in English. Japanese simplified Chinese are Korean. Number of questions varies, so you're gonna get between 40 to 60 questions on when it comes to the time limits. It's two hours, 30 minutes. That's the time limits that you have
to complete the questions in the exam.
The score is great at over 1000 and you need to achieve its car off 700 in orderto passed the exam. If you don't take the exam and if, for whatever reason, you were not successful in your false try on your first attempt,
you have to leave a minimum off 24 hours between your initial attempt. On the next time you attempt to take the exam so you can just take it immediately. You have to give it a minimum of 24 hours. Some other information about the exam
mentioned that's about 40 to 60 questions. Some questions maybe. What more than one point I mentioned that earlier. Want ones are holding questions? There's no penalty for guessing, so there's no negative mackin some questions. You cannot keep them, so just be aware of that.
Also, you want a plan for 1 18 minutes for the exam? Probably about 1 50 of Dad's civilians had questions because you need to do other things like go to the instructions, maybe make some comments, maybe report some animals or whatever that you made you made attacked when you're taking the exam, live some space aside for those
but Please, please, please
make sure that you pace yourself ever well. I recommend taking some practice tests so that you get in the mood off, right in the example, taking exams,
the exam type themselves or the question type. It's not just multiple choice questions with many multiple choice, but it's not just multiple choice. So you have teams like what area you have dragon drop type questions you have filling the Gap type question. Also myself, I've been integrated performance based
exam questions within their certification. So one of the things that you may get in the future is actually you been dropped in the azure portal. You'll be given a list off tax that units to complete.
They're also case studies where you be presented with a whole list of different business requirements and technical requirements that needs to be achieved. And then you get probably about 45 questions off the back off that that you need to use the information provided to you to select an appropriate solution for whatever your hacks.
You probably get a medal off about two case studies for the exam.
In terms of delivery options, there's not just one option. You can definitely go. The Peasant View Testing Center Vote for me, for example. I don't have any testing center that's close by to me. I prefer the other option, which is the remote pop tart to leave, which I'll talk about in a minute. You want to bring two forms of identification to the exam,
Then we have the remote proctor's delivery option. But remote proctor delivery option means that you can take the exam from your home or from your from your office.
So before you do that and show that you two a validation of your computer and your environment. So there is an area within where you're doing the booking, where you can validate that your computer Mr. Requirements on, Essentially the way it works is you need a webcam that you can move around to be able to show
where is monitoring you, on the other hand,
that your desk is clear and that you know, hiding anything around in the room. Also, you want a quiet area. Would did you examine your office? Because if someone comes into the view of the camera when you're taking the exam, that can lead to a cancellation of the exam. So you want to have a nice, dedicated area with a single monitor computer?
We did a webcam. That you can move around
on your space is completely clear.
That's the area that you want to use if you're gonna be doing that.
So here my exam preparation tips for you,
Number one sign of financial free subscription and get ants on practice did not want to go to take the exam without practicing why you've lent. So make sure that you get some and some practice in. Take advantage of tutorials on doc. Start Microsoft dot com to get an Some practice on the service is that we've covered.
Also, you want to visit the frequently asks questions section off the service is listed in the exam outline, so that's the link to the exam outline.
But what I mean by this is that, for example, a jackal beneath the service is one of the service is that you be tested on. So you want to go on your favorite stuff such engine and set for a joke. Community service ethic you and read the official F A Q document by Microsoft.
You know that you're gonna be has questions around, I feel I e. D. So you want to set for your A D F. A. Q and Rich too frequently asked question, because that gives you a general overview off some of the gorge is when it comes to the different services.
Use dogs that Microsoft dot com to your advantage so hard. The exam questions have some type off authoritative supporting information, and that's typically the documentation. So you're not. Is that within the different models that we went to have given you certain links to Doc's that makes off that comes off? Do take advantage of that
off course. It's one of the things that it's very difficult to master everything. So you want to get really community. You want to speak to people taking the exam off course without breaking the nd a. Hopefully they can give you some pointers, so doing get really community review. Other as your content on Sai Berry,
especially as I mentioned earlier the is that 200 content
the mark of a Georgia, you know, the more it's gonna help you as you go into this example,
and then you want to take action. You do not just want to watch the cuffs off. Watch the car. Sees you also want to take the action and booked exam. Nothing motivates you modern when you know that you have a date already set for the exam.
And after you've done the exam and hopefully you've passed the exam, do not forget to share your certification badge with the community shade on cyber Harry Sheridan, Linden and Shade on Twitter. I look forward to seeing that.
I hope that you found this cause very informative. My name again is David. I hear they Richards to me on my treat a hand. Do connect with me on lengthen Connect with me on cyber re. I look forward to seeing your certification badge. Thanks very much for watching this cost and I'll see you in the next course.
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