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[toggle_content title="Transcript"] Welcome to Cybrary.IT, My name is John Oyeleke, subject matter expert for the security plus-certification. In this video I'm giving an overview of the exam - the security plus exam. The exam is broken down into one, two, three, four, five, six sections. We start off with network security. This is 21% of the exam. Then we talk about the compliance and operational security that takes 18% of the exam, with threats and vulnerability taking 21%. Application data and host security consist of 16% and access control and identity management 13% of the exam. The smallest section on the exam is that of cryptography taking 11%. In total you have a 100%. For this exam, we have to look at the number of questions on the exam is put at 90. That is in maximum of 90 questions. Well, in some cases students could get anything between 75 and 80 questions. Well, the maximum is 90 questions. So, why do you prepare for the exam? Ninety questions at a time whatever question banks you are preparing from use 90 questions at a time and for the time you have 90 minutes. So, test yourself. See that you can do 90 questions in 90 minutes such that even if you are given less questions, you can still finish the exams comfortably in the time provided. Now, what type of questions would we have? We have multiple choice or performance based questions. For multiple choice, you are given options A, B, C, D, E or F. You would be asked to select one, or you could be asked to select two or three. Where you are required to select two, it would also be stated after the question; "Choose two." Where you are required to select three; "Choose three." The performance based questions are simulation based questions where you have drag and drop, mix and match, click and select, you know, these are simulation type questions. Usually on the exams, they would present you the performance based questions first. Students are advised if you can't really answer the performance based questions, you click for review move on to the next. So, you could click for review so that while you are done with the objectives you could return to review the performance based. You possibly would have a better understanding by the time you have gone through some objectives or you've been able to calm down and review the objective properly. This way, you could provide better answers to performance based questions. But please, I advise, do not waste too much time trying to understand the performance based questions. Rather, if you don't understand it, mark for review, proceed to the next one. So you don't run out of time. Finally, the passing score is 750 points. Anything below that is a fail. And everything above that is a good pass. You get 750, you pass the exam. You get above 750, you still pass the exam. However, nobody requires your passing score once you pass the exam. After you pass the exam CompTIA will send you an email that grants access to a portal where you could download the PDF copy of the certificate. A couple of weeks after the exam, you get the actual certificate in the post and a wallet card stating the certificate for which you have been successful. [/toggle_content] CompTIA Security+ Exam Overview This Exam Review provides an overview the specifics of what the exam covers, tips on what you should do before during and after your exam, the percentage of the exam each topic covers, the range and total number questions you should expect, and how you can self-test to prepare yourself, and what you can expect as part of the certification exam process. The Exam Module review what you need to know and for which particular concepts, it covers logistics, timing, and offers a number of certification exam tips. You'll learn techniques for addressing the types of queries you'll encounter on the CompTIA Security+ Exam. For example, note what type of questions are presented first, in this case performance based queries. If you'd rather not answer those, the exam overview will provide guidance on what to do and how you can return to that section and be better prepared with responses. We also discuss and provide some examples of simulation type questions, advise on total number of queries the exam has and provide the passing score benchmark. And finally, we advise you on the exam and certification notification process and how you can obtain your CompTIA Security+ Certification document. The test taking tips discussed here apply to any exam or professional evaluation you'd prepare yourself for not the CompTIA Security+ certification exam in particular. The goal of this Exam Review is to help you manage your time wisely, think through the exam to navigate it strategically, and master each phase of the exam thoroughly.

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