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This lessons covers what is needed for the exam. Examinees need to know about: 2. Service level management practices 3. The principles of IT Operations management 4. Issues surrounding software licensing 5. Production control, release management and configuration control 6. Problem and incident management 7. The purpose of environmental controls [toggle_content title="Transcript"] Alright, so we've reached the end of the module. Now we'll talk about the different essentials that you need for the exam related to module four. So first thing we talked about was our service level agreements, how those relate to internal and external providers of different services. Then we have our IT operations management. Trying to understand the alignment between the management style and the requirements of the business. How does the organization implement the controls to make sure that the service delivery is on-time, accurate and efficient? Software licensing controls were discussed somewhat. We also talked about change control; configuration management and release management, meaning the implementation and rolling out of new software within the organization. We need to think about the processing integrity of our systems and our software, knowing that the transactions that were performed were complete, they were accurate, that they have integrity. We talked also about back-ups and their value to the organization. Especially as it relates to verifying that back-ups are done correctly, that the data can be restored completely and correctly. We discussed incident management and the value that has to the organization. Especially when it comes to a timely response. Knowing that we have the right people on the team and that they have the proper training to resolve issues quickly and effectively. When we're doing forensic investigations, we need to know that the data that was gathered has proper integrity as well. We want to know that the chain of custody was followed and that we can provide evidence of all of this in the event of some type of criminal prosecution or investigation. Then, lastly, we talked about environmental controls; our HVAC systems, UPS systems and fire suppression. Alright, your next task is to do the domain four review questions. See you in domain five. Thank you. [/toggle_content]

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