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Video Transcription
Hello, everybody. Welcome to lessen 6.1. Evaluate, direct and monitor. My name is Alan. Hands were gonna and I'll be instructor for today's lesson.
Learning operatives of this lesson is to identify and understand all the processes, including on the ever Lloyd Direct and Monitor domain
of Carpet.
So in this upcoming sections for for module number six, um, al goog, I'll go through all the process included on each the main, both governance and management,
and I will give you a little description. What's the purpose and some examples off enterprise goals or alignment Jewels? Remember that the gold's cascade
and I will give you, you know, again, example for both enterprise goals and alignment goals that these processes might help the chief. So the first process our eyes to the governance. You know, ADM you one insured governance framework setting and maintains
the description of this process is that this process analyzed on articulates
the requirements for governance and enterprise. I t is process putting plate puts in place on maintains governance components with clarity,
authority and responsibilities to achieve their enters presses mission golds in operatives. The purpose of this process is to provide consistent approach integrated and aligned with the enterprise governance approach. I t related decisions are made in line
with the enterprise is a strategist and operatives
on desired value is, you know, realized too. That am ensured that I t related processes are overseen effectively and transparently.
Complaints with legal contractor on regular requirements is confirmed on the government's requirements for board members are met.
Thes dys process helps to achieve a couple of enterprise and alignment wolves, for example, and the price of gold 03 complies complaints with external laws and regulations. And for a diamond. Suppose you're one or a G 01 i t. Compliance and support for business compliance with external laws and regulations.
In previous sessions, we saw the Enterprise Goals and Lyman goals. The different goals that there is
there are I'm sorry, and you can see that this again. I'll mention a few here that this process will help achieve.
Then we have
e d m zero to ensure benefits delivery.
Ah, and the description is that it optimizes the Bal Yeo to the business from investment and business process. I t service is an I T assets. The purpose is to secure optimal value from i t enable initiatives, service and an assets costs F efficient delivery off solution and surfaces.
I'm reliable and accurate
picture. Of course, unlike likely benefits so that business needs our support it efficiently and effectively.
Ah, the enterprise goals that this process helps achieve is enterprise gold 08 optimization off Internet business process functionality and alignment Gold were a tree realized benefits from i t enable investments. Investments on service is sport fully.
Then we have, um,
idiom zero drea eyes, which means insure risk optimization This thing. This process ensures that the enterprise is risk. Appetite on tolerance are understood, articulated and communicated
on that risk to enterprise barley related to the use of i t. Is identified and managed.
The purpose is to ensure that I t related enterprise rates does not exceeds exceed
the enterprise Risk appetite. I'm risk tolerance. The impact of the I T wrists to the Enterprise Bali is identified and managed on the potential for compliance failures is minimized. The enterprise goals, for example, that this process will help is easier or to my much business risk
or e g 06 Business service continuity and availability
and a lineman goal 0 to 07 which is managed by T for later risk and security, off information
processing infrastructure and applications at privacy.
Then we have E D M zero Ford,
which is called Ensure Racers optimization, you know, and this process ensures that the adequate and see if it's sufficient business and mighty related resource is like people. Process and technology are available to support the enterprise operatives efficiently and effectively at
a optimal coast.
The purpose is to ensure that the research needs off off the enterprise are met in an optimal manner. I think us are optimized on. There is an increased like food off benefit realization and readiness for future changed
the enterprise goals that this process reports easy G 01 For example, portfolio of competitive products and service is E. G. C. Or 12 managed deal transformation programmes and alignments goals, overnight delivery programs on time on budget and media requirements and quality standers.
And finally, for the, uh,
governance domain, we have the GMC Survive, which is insurance. They call their engagement
these insurers that its stakeholders identify and engage in the I t governance system on the Enterprise. I t performance and conformance measurements are reporting are transparent, with stakeholders providing or proving the goals and metrics and necessary. You know, actions do re mediate
those problems.
The purpose is again to ensure the stakeholders are supportive off the IittIe strategy and a road map. Communications to stakeholders is effective and timely on the basis of reporting established to increase performance.
Some go that the support is it. Bicycles were aboard quality off financial information
enterprise, double 07 quality off management information and a lime in gold. 10. I'm sorry, quality off i t management information.
So what process has e. D. M 04 identify rhe Remember, would just start at the GMC off. 04 is ensure research optimization
mentioned one. Enterprise goals that is support that supported by ADM. You won the first the first
operative, which is ensure governance frame we're setting and maintains. And one enterprise walls could be compliance with external loss and regulations. For example,
mentioned one alignment goal support, but idioms, you weren't again a lineman goal, for example. It could be a Lima go 03 realize benefits from i t enable investment and service's portfolio
in today's video with this cause. All the process is included in the evaluate direct and monitored Maine, which is, you know, again, the only demand off governance for covet
supplementary material. Zarganar covets publication off them included in this in these publications.
Well, that's it for today, folks. I hope you get the video and talk to you soon.
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