EtherChannel Misconfiguration Guard

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Video Transcription
Hello there. And welcome to this disco CCMP switch 201 of my exam prep.
My name is still a pension. Ali on Entities episode will focus on Ikar Channel, Miss Configuration Guard.
You could configure to switch to use either trial, Ms. Configuration Guard to protect against any miss configuration Whenever you're setting up a court channel.
Subs for setting up ICO Channel. Miss Configuration guard from within Global configuration mode. We would you see the command spine in Cherie Eker, Channel guard. Miss Country.
Under very fighting, we would easy to. Come on, show spine Injury summary.
I'm gonna bring up a lot. No. So we'll see how we can set up eager trial in this configuration. Guard here, inside of and white core. One
eternal Miss configuration guard is enabled by default. We can Very funny by Eastern Command show
spine entry Summary
on As we can see, eater Channel Miss Configuration guard is enabled by default. But if it was disabled, we would go into global conflict on wood. Easy to command spine injury. Either channel on the command is guard on den Mishcon, thick on our press. Enter and that's it.
That's how we would set up either channel. Miss Configuration Guard on this will protect against any sort off Mishcon fix whenever we setting up a poor channel. So they're wondering too fierce conflicts to be identical, such as your speed's there, duplexes and so on. All right, let's go back to the slides.
We have a post assessment question Which command? Configures eater, child. Miss Manette, Regulation guard
for maybe an interface off configuration mode. Who? You see the command Spine Injury Eater, Channel on guard. Miss Config
within Interfere some court regulation mode Spine in Cherie Eater Channel, Miss Convict Guard or the last option from Global Configuration Mood Spine Entry Eater, Channel guard, Miss Config.
And the answer is C From global conflagration mode. We would issue the command spine Entry Eater, Channel guard, Miss Conflict In today's every sort of we wrapped up either channels by looking at The Eater Channel Miss Configuration Guard. In the next episode, we're going to switch gears
the word spine entry on. We're gonna focus on P p s d plus rapid PTSD plus all someone's rapid spiting free
on MST visits, fella fictionally And I wanna thank you for choosing cyber
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