Video Description

In this lab, Subject Matter Expert Dean Pompilio discusses Dradis, a useful tool for gathering information and generating reports on that information. Dradis is a self- contained Web application that is a repository for gathering and organizing all your information. It is very simple to use and to configure to organize output from scans and word lists for password cracking and to attach files to a folder for a particular project. SME Pompilio stresses that life is a lot easier when you are organized, and good organization leads to fewer mistakes. This demonstration shows you how to:

  • access the Kali Web site
  • choose the reporting tools you will use, including Dradis
  • explore other options besides Dradis
  • generate a new password
  • open the command shell and start the service
  • login as an administrator and use the new password you created

SME Pompilio demonstrates the following Dradis functions that will allow you to thoroughly gather and organize all information for a project: - adding notes and attachments

  • adding a branch to the default options
  • adding a subfolder
  • using the functions and features of the system
  • generating filters
  • adding hosts
  • using the various export options

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