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Video Transcription
Hello there and welcome to this Cisco CCMP switch 301 15 example. Of course, my name is Philip Pension Ali on in Today's every sort will focus on not one. Q. When we said the word trunk Ling's within a switch, you can. I just set it up dynamically or manually.
Dynamic trunk in is often Dornan on most switches.
By default, the switches run DTP.
DTP stands for dynamic drunk in protocol
on the switch uses the DP or Dynamic drunk in protocol. The negotiate the trunk between two switches eight or to rot. Want you. Also known as that one. Q. Is an open standard for encapsulate in traffic over a trunk link. Before you do that one Hugh
came about, we had I s l I S l stands for into switch linked. This was a Cisco proprietary
on over the years. It'll do that one. Q became the de facto on most switches interfaces. Given the fact that it's open standards, it's supported on most vendors, so it's ideal in mixed environments.
They have free me and modes for drunken.
We have dynamic, desirable. This conformed trunks with autumn moods. We have dynamic auto.
This conforms trunks with Autumn Oats. Except if the order in off the link is also set. The dynamic auto. When the switch would not form a trunk, it both ends. I set the dynamic auto
and we have manual. This is gonna former Trump unconditionally.
The steps were setting up for Trunk Link,
who would first need to something encapsulation type.
We're going to the interfere stop configuration level
on anybody. See the command such pork from King Cap on. Then we specify that one. Q. After that, we will issue the switch sport mode,
and then we would specify the type of strong we want to set up.
You want to set up
dynamic? Desirable, we would say Switch sport mode dynamic. Unspecified. Desirable
If you want to set up a dynamic auto well, easy. Come on. Sweet sport mode, Dynamic auto.
Or if we want to set up my own money old trunk. Would you see the commander switch port more trunk? If we're setting up a manual trunk, then you would use the last option, which would disable DTP. So we really silly command switch port. No negotiate only if we're using a manual trunk
If you're using either dynamic, desirable or dynamic auto,
we would need to leave DTP turned on. I'm gonna bring up a lot. No. So we can see how we would set up a trunk link. We could you switch is or you're gonna set up a trunk link between N y. Access one
on and White Court, too. Oh, man. Oi, Ox is one. We're going to use the fast Internet. Seriously, ashtray entry into fees
and from And why court to we're going to use a fast eater. Net 10 slash 22 interferes.
So, Anna, like or two you're going to go into fast eating at 10 slash pointed you in the face.
Currently, reconsidering freeze has no conflicts on. If we do the show in the face and specify which port we can see the default mode
in this kiss,
it set the dynamic auto
so far within the interface up configuration would we're gonna for a start on encapsulation my seeing switchboard trunk encapsulation on from here. We're going to specify 0.1 cue. The next step would be to specify which type of trunk immortal want to use. We saw by default it set the dynamic auto
from here. It's best for adoption dynamic if you want to set it up dynamically or from. So let's use dynamic
understand, and we use drunk on the audience. We'll choose option for auto
on, as you can see, although we hard coded Come on, switchboard. More economic auto.
The command did not show up because, as we mentioned, it's on by default. I'm gonna hop on over there and I access one on Anna. Why? Access one is gonna meet a fast eating is your *** train Trina face or you consider, for it has no conflict. But many see this come on, showing the face and specified a switch sport option.
Well, see, it's also set the dynamic auto indecent before we changed the ports more the trunk. Let's check for existing fronts. The showing to feel strong common is going to show us
all existing trunks within the switch. Currently, only the fast eating is us. Such 24 is the wind trunk in. When our kids were going to go into the fast zero slash mandatory on first, we're gonna set being cops elation type, so we'll just hard coded
using a trunk key word, so you'll notice the variation versus an awake or two from switches. You're going to get option to change. Encapsulation some switches. Encapsulation is it'll 2.1 Q. By default, as is the case here from King Encapsulation is set about one. Q. Although we did not get the option to set, it
sits on my default as opposed to and why. Court, too.
And you'll also notice No, the administrative mode. It's that the trump. So now we can issue the command showing to feel strong once again, and this time we'll see a report for Sydney and zero slash 20 tree
is now a trunk port. On by default, all the villains are allowed over the trunk. Link north. However,
the second column with See his mode,
Our particular port Classy zero slash predatory
We're seeing the most staying on.
There's basically means,
but we used
the key word switch. Port Moore Trump the set of the trunk unconditionally. This will disable BTP on this strong link
if we go back now with you and like or two.
That's also Tarnoff DTP on an Y court, too,
on your noticed right away we get an interest in Erica. Mine is being rejected because we can figure the trunk mood to be dynamic auto, which also happens to be the default that more is not gonna allow us the disabled DTP. So we need to force conflict at the trunk mode to be manual.
Now we can issue this command switch. Port No negotiate on. It's gonna work
part. Let's go back to the slates. We have a post assessment question which command turns off GDP or nearly interferes
a DTP modoff be switch port, No negotiate or see the sport mode manual on answers be so sport no negotiate from within the interface off configuration mood
In today's lecture, the focus was on Franken on that one cue for us. We turned on the 10.1 q encapsulation. We looked at the various dynamic trunk in modes, and finally we configure it manual trunk in by disabling DTP with a switch port. No negotiate common. In the next video, we'll continue our discussion with drunken
Where did clearly the native villain will be the focus for the next episode. This is Phillip. Mention Ali one and thank you for choosing savory
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