Document and Operate Security Controls

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Video Transcription
Hello and welcome back the saw Berries. Come, Tere. Certified advanced Security practitioners Certification. Preparation Course, We're gonna be continuing our discussion off. Marginal Man three was title Organizational security
here. Get out objectives for this particular module. What we're gonna do is laser in and take a look at section number three. We're just title document and operate your security controls
here. Get out. Objectives ranging from the turn controls all way down to compensating controls. So again, these objectives are gonna be discussed doing this particular marja itself.
Let's not take a look at a pre assessment question. And the question is as follows Which of the following types of control help mitigate damage once a risk has materialized? Isn't a deterrent control be corrected? Control? See a preventive control or detective control?
If you see like the B, you're absolutely Chris called a corrective control.
So again, here are the different categories controls that we're gonna be discussing doing this particular section here.
One in 1st 1 wouldn't take a let's call it to turn control and it turned control. Is anything intended to warn a would be attacker that they wouldn't should not attack?
This could be posted warning notice that they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Get the locks on the doors. Could be Barry Case lightning lighting, in other words or anything that could delay or discourage an attacker.
Then we come to our preventive controls, their desire to keep errors or irregularities from occurring in the first place. They're built into internal control systems and require a major effort in initial design and implementation type stages. And so again, neither some the different ones that fall within that category and listed on this particular slide.
Then we come to a detective controls, which again is accounting term. That refers to a type of internal control intended to find problems within a gill organisational process. The technical told may be employed in 1/4 for many different goals, such as quality control from prevention or legal compliance.
Corrected controls help to mitigate damage once arrest has materialized. So again, some example, we spam filters and a virus on your email server or you guys in W. P. Eight. In terms of a WiFi type encryption,
we think about compensating controls they these air control introduced that compensate for the absence or failure of control. Competent refers to why it's implement. It can be detective, preventive deterrent or administrative. So example would be daily Montana and a virus console or month review of your Ministry of type Loggins.
This brings us to up
pulse assessment course in for this particular section. What type of control compensate for absence or failure of a control? Is it a conversating? The chose Be preventive controls, See deterrent control or correctly controls
if you should have a you absolute grace call compensating controls.
So let's take a look at this was discussed. Doing this particular section, we take a look at the turn, controls preventive controls that take the controls, corrected control and, lastly, compensating controls
and our upcoming presentation. Section four will be taking a look at participate in Change Mansion again. I look forward to seeing you on the next
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