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How the OSI Model applies to different devices and protocols This lesson covers how different protocols and devices relate to the OSI Model, specifically focusing on: 1. MAC addresses: Layer 2 (data link), physical address 2. IP addresses: Layer 3 (network layer), logical address mapped to physical 3. EUI 64: Layer 2 (data link) IPv6 global unicast 4. Frames: Layer 2, protocol delivery unit, segment of data with a beginning and ending. 5. Packets: Layer 3, Protocol delivery unit, segment of duty 6. Switch: Layer 2, data link. Map to MAC address 7. Router: Layer 3 Network, a type 3 switch, moves data across networks. 8. Multi-layer switch: Layers 2/3, performs at multiple levels. 9. Hubs: Layer 2, data link, passes information to everyone 10. Encryption device: layer 6, presentation. Formats data. 11. Cable: layer 1, physical device. 12. Network Interface Card (NIC): Layer 1, physical. 13. Bridge: Layer 2. Data link device. Point to point.

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