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Device Types / Requirements This lesson covers device types and requirements for setting up a network. When setting up a network, we need to make sure the devices meet all the necessary requirements. When setting up routers, switches, Wireless Access Points (WAPs), bridges and Network Interface Cards (NICs), it is necessary to check the following:

  • Routing protocol: make sure they support correct addressing scheme
  • Traffic filtering ability: understand the different abilities of different devices
  • All in one devices vs stand alone: routers that are all inclusive (includes firewalls)
  • Managed vs unmanaged: Managed devices are switches with access panels, unmanaged offers no traffic management abilities, it is just a smart hub
  • Port speeds, duplex, VLAN:
  • Network Interface Card capabilities/cable types
  • Wireless standards/Wireless Access Point (WAP) antenna
  • Traffic monitoring

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