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Now that we've discussed connectors and cables, let's move on to examine another type of device connector and how they work. Parallel connectors, or LPT, which stands for Line Print terminal) or line printer cable, is a cable that is different on each end. One connector is DB25 port connector, that connects to the computer and the larger centronics connector is the plug/snap end connector that marries to the printer/peripheral device. Serial connections were mainly used before PS/2 connectors were invented but are still sometimes used today to connect routers and switches and firewalls. This connector is either a DB9 or DB25. They are usage specific which is determined according to their pin connection and wiring configuration Audio connectors and cabling is pretty standard. They are used for sound input/output and can be found on a host of different devices including speakers and headphones. Audio connectors come in the following capacities: the standard 1/8' stereo connection, the MIDI, which stands for musical instrument digital interface and similar to a DIM connector. The MIDI connector is found on computing devices to connect computing devices to electronics and musical devices such as electrical keyboards or drum sets. And last is the S/PDIF, which stands for Sony Phillips Digital Interface connector.It is a 1pin covered coax/optical connector used for transferring digital signals in light form.

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A peripheral device or auxiliary device, is generally defined as any device that connects to and works with the computer in some way

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