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FireWire is becoming the primary method of connecting external storage and video devices to PC. Also called the IEEE-1394 standard, FireWire, like the USB, has its own symbol, and is a block connector slight taller than the USB. Firewire connectors' transfer data thru 2 connection types, the 1392a and 1394b. these connections come in 6 and 9 pin connector respectively, and may be interchangeable which each connector type being on opposite end of the cable. SCSI ribbons are multi-connection cables used for making additional hardware connectivity to the "server." There are many different types of SCSI ribbons and devices, and each ribbon cable having their own connector types. PS2 or Mini Din is PS/2 connectors are a more standard version of USBs and are color coded for use with your mouse and keyboard. The purple is used for the keyboard, the green is used for the mouse. While these connectors are interchangeable in fit only, the connectivity will not work if housed in the wrong.

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our next connector that we want to cover for devices is going to be our FireWire connector. Ah, firewire connector. Also news IEEE 13 94 is a block your connector similar in shape to our US. Be tight, be standard, except it's a bit taller. As you can see, they're they're a couple versions of this. We have our 13 94 a,
also known as our 400 version,
which is the one that we just showed a second ago, which looks like so and it's that's going to transmit our data at 400 megabits per second. Wilson Why it's more commonly called a 400 connector than a 13 94 A. We also have a 13 94 B connector, also known as 800 because it transfers data that's right,
800 megabits per second
and the 800 connector looks slightly different. Instead of the A connector, which is a six pin connector standard. Four of those Penza for data tour for power. Sometimes you'll see this in a four pin version on camcorders, where the camcorders don't need those two power pins. They only use four data pins,
but standard that
a connector will have six pins, or IEEE 13. 94 B connector for FireWire will typically have its own nine pin beta port, which is a block you're more square port. That nine pin connector may also have a standard 13 94 a connector on the other end if we need to connect to that device.
So that would be known as a bilingual cable cable that has a 13 94 A on one end
and a 13 94 be on the other end is known as a bilingual cable where it's just a standard nine pin connector on both ends is known as a beta cable,
just like us be has its own symbol. FireWire also has its own symbol that when you see it, you can recognize that it's being a FireWire connector. FireWire symbol is simply a circle with a few lines here and then a block on the right side, and then you have your lines underneath,
and that's going to be your FireWire symbol. Moving back into the realm of our ribbon cables. We have our scuzzy cable. When we say scuzzy, we're actually talking about SCS I cable. We have multiple different types. Many different connectors, which are on scuzzy cables on deacon,
check out diagrams that show the various different iterations of various types of different types of scuzzy cables over the ages. This is one of our examples of a scuzzy cable we see is a daisy chain snazzy cable with a location for many different connectors all over the scuzzy cable. This is typically used for older hard drives or older connectors,
and we even have a Terminator on the end of this cable to let it know when it's done
form or moving away from these type of cables in most of our systems. But they are still active, especially in large storage devices or large server storage systems, where we need to have lots of different ah, lot of numerous attachments onto our server. Ah, lot of different storage devices. We can still use thes scuzzy ribbon cables.
We've talked about all over different types of ribbon cables. We also have our
PS two connector, also known as many. Den is a six pin connector that looks like so and was typically used for some older keyboards and mice that are connected to the computer. We're moving more towards using USB for these devices, but they are still computers out there, which have the availability
to use. Thes ps slash to connectors
in order to connect our keyboard and mouse devices. They are color coded, so purple ports would be used for our keyboard and green is used for our mouse. You have to make sure that you look at these color codings. Are keyboard and mouse cable important? Both fit interchangeably, but they won't work interchangeably.
That's why they are color coded. We have an example here of a p. A. Slash to connector is actually a PS to convert a point.
This allows us to adapt a USB mouse that we have here
into a computer that only receives a
PS two type connector. At the end. All you have to do is take the USB adapter,
plug it in, and you now have a PS two connector on the end for your mouths. So those are available that way, as well as the other way around from PS 22 USB. Just depending on the situation and when you need to use it

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