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In this lesson, Subject Matter Expert Dean Pompilio discusses ways to detect and prevent Social Engineering. Not everything about Social Engineering is in offensive mode; some of it is defensive -- if you are the victim, you need to know how to take defensive measures. SME Pompilio explains that while effective Social Engineers do not want their target to feel suspicious, potential Social Engineering victims need to be suspicious of anything out of the ordinary, especially when their gut tells them something is not right. Victims need to perform due diligence, trust but verify, and become digitally quiet – adhering to the Kali slogan that the quieter you are the more you are able to hear. In this lesson, you will learn techniques to lessen your exposure to Social Engineering (such as enabling privacy settings on all social networking sites), and you will learn:

  • that becoming unpredictable can benefit the Social Engineer and the target
  • the kind of physical security controls that can thwart the Soc Eng
  • how User Awareness training should be required for everyone in an organization
  • that Advanced Security Awareness training is necessary for some employees
  • that it is important to pay attention to the legal aspects of ethical Social Engineering
  • that proper documentation is necessary for carrying out ethical Social Engineering
  • how Search Engine Optimization can elicit good clues for the Social Engineer
  • the definitions of and the differences between all of the "—bie" (eg: newbie, koolbie, maturbie) classifications of Social Engineers

Concluding this course on Social Engineering, SME Pompilio reiterates that Social Engineering is an art and a science. He reminds us that our use of language maps to our experiences that can be manipulated by a Social Engineer. He suggests that to not be a victim of Social Engineering it is necessary to learn the thresholds for a Human Buffer Overflow and to practice becoming vague in a deliberate way.

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Dean Pompilio
CEO of SteppingStone Solutions