Design Coordination Process

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Video Transcription
All right, my learners, we are on less than 5.7. Design coordination process.
Let's get ready.
All right. So are learning objectives in this video, we will cover the scope and purpose of design. Coronation process was out of scope in the design coronation process. Okay,
So design coordination process. Right. So the process and activities within the service design phase are detail and very complex. So spending, but expanding the business focus requirements, gathering activities through the creation of the detailed technical designs and plans. So having a central point of coordination
and control is critical to ensure that the designs completed are integrated in holistic.
So the purpose of the design coronation process is twofold. So it is to ensure the goals and objectives are of the service design stage are met by providing and maintaining a Singapore of coordination and control over the activities in process within that stage of the service life cycle.
So the objectives of the service of the design coronation is more on the lines of being consistent. Right? So you reduce costs and you improve quality, so ensure consistent design of appropriate service and service management. Um, information systems architectures, technology processes
metrics to meet in current and evolving business outcomes and requirements. Then you coordinate all these design activities, so you support your support teams and many schedules you re sources and conflicts were
are where they need to be as as required and you planning. You coordinate your resources and capabilities required to design new and change services. So that's where that you produce that SDP. Remember the service design packages. So that's based on the service charters, and the service requests change requests that you put in place in.
So to ensure that the appropriate service designs or the SDP s are produced,
they are handed over to the service transition as agreed upon. So that managed that that quality of criteria, those requirements and that handover point between the service design stages and the service strategy and the service transition. So you ensure that the service models and the
service solution conforms to that strategic
architectural governments that the corporation or the business requires, right?
Um, it just more so. It ensures that all parties adopt a common framework off a standard reusable design practice in form of activities and processes as well. That's supporting systems whenever is appropriate. Okay,
Now, again. Now this monitors, and it improves the performance of the S T life cycle stage. Okay,
All right. So when we go into the scope of the design coordination now, the scope of the design coronation processes to coordinate all design related activities for new or change services moving into production environments as well as any design related activities for services that are being retired.
So some services designs are complex, while
others are relatively simple. So design coronation should incorporate objective criteria to establish the level of rigor apply to specific service designs. So, ultimately, the result of a design coronation is to produce more successful changes
that meat business requirements with minimum or no disruption to that business operations.
Okay, so you ensuring that consistent designer appropriate services are in place for that particular reasons.
so this is the scope.
All right? So we started talking about what is out of scope, so
out of scope is more of,
you know, the responsibility for activities and processes outside of the service design state and its responsibilities for producing detailed service design so that that responsibility of individual projects or designed processes. Those are out of scope for the design coordination.
So in summary, less than 5.7 to keep processes that we discussed was the design coronation process in the purpose of design coronation.
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