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Hello and welcome back to Sai Berries. 2019 Comp Tia Security Plus Certification Preparation course
record 13. Our discussion of marginal to and the topic of discussion will be the main to technology and tools.
We have a brand new objective which encompasses this particular module.
It's titled 2.5, giving a scenario Deplore mobile devices securely.
This brings to our first pre assessment coursed in
what you need determine whether or not this particular statement either true or false,
and it reads as follows. Blue two can be described as data communications standing, using while this technology is that true or false?
If he's like the true, you're absolutely correct,
given a scenario. Deplore mobile devices securely here again. Other topics which encompasses this particular objective, ranging from the connection methods sell your all way down to USB.
Now we begin to price it, taking a look at mobile computing.
Oddly, we noticed growing
new functionalities rotting routinely introduce, and people are doing mawr on their mobile devices than you ever can imagine been done in the past
Here again, or something different connection methods that you need to be a way off
first, we'll take a look call, Sell you this where the tablet and phone are using three G for G 05 G to connect to that provider without needing any other devices. WiFi is a wireless local area networking technology that uses radio technology to communicate.
SAT com is a technology that uses satellites to communicate, set, come camp about Internet access and boss communication to devices, homes as well as businesses.
Bluetooth is also a data communication standard using wireless technology over 100 meters or less, often more or less.
Some additional connection methods is called a term call near field communication NFC. It's normal, used to make Wallace payments when the cart must be with then four centimeters off the card reader
and basically is a preparatory Wallace networking technology most of used by smart wearables such as you hear such your heart rate monitors, your smart watches and your sleep trackers. Infrared. Basically, this is a wireless technology that relies on like that humans can't detect with their eyes.
The U. S B could be used to transfer data between devices as it is self installing, and security teams tend to use group policies to prevent data being stolen by removed devices. Other words that used a term called data loss prevention.
This brings us to some of dis objectives for this particular one diesel topics that encompassed this particular objective.
We begin the process taking a look at mobile device magic concepts ranging from application management all the way down. Tofu Device type Encryption
Now mobile devices is basis software that allows security administrators to control, secure and enforce policy on smartphones, tablets and other in point devices.
Here again at some concepts, a term in a moment of ice concept that you obviously need to understand. We have a term called application management in this case that uses whiteness to control which applications are allowed to be install onto a mobile device. Content management. It does essentially stores
been his data in a secure area
off the device in an encrypted format to protect it against attacks.
Remote wipe.
Basically, when our mobile device has been lost a stone,
it can be remotely wipe. Device will revert to his factory setting, and the data would don't long will be available.
Geo fencing. Basically what it does, it uses GPS, the global Positioning Satellites, R F I. D. to define the geographical boundaries. Once the advice is taken passed to define boundaries, the security team will be. Obviously, in this case, they will be alerted
again, some additional. Once called Geo location based on what it does, this one uses GPS to give the actual location of a mobile device. This is used when you lose your iPad and then you use your iPhone determines location.
This could be very useful if you lose or drop a device.
Screen locks based in strong password needed to secure your mobile devices, as mentioned in a lot of people doing a lot of different financial transactions on these various mobile devices. And so what you want to make you take advantage of the very security mechanisms. We also have a concept called push notification services.
Now push notifications services.
Notify your motive eyes When an email Mrs arrived at your in box
passwords and pins, someone of mobile devices such as your smartphones are very easy to steal, and you conceal them by putting them obviously in your pocket.
Some additional concepts called biometrics mobile devices, can use biometrics such as fingerprint or facial recognition. Apple uses a tough I Touch I D. And Max abuses a window. Hello.
We have also contacts. Aware of dedication.
Basic. This is a A contents of West Security is located location based, in other words, whether uses is located, who use the ears, what they uses, a question how to use is connected and also when he uses requesting that information
content realization basis is a storage segmentation will allow you to keep your person that a separate from your business data on a on a cell phone is also known as container ization.
Then we have storage segmentation basis whether external devices connected to a laptop, for example, USB, flash drive or secure data. But because it's secure data card or SD card,
then we have four device encryption
in this case to protect it that is stored on a device. We should implement a technique called four device
Continue on with this particular video
taking a look at enforcement monitoring for again, we have to look at the third party stores all way down to a payment method so we're continuing and take a look at these different and define exactly what these various terms mean.
So we have 1/3 party store, absolute or third party APP stores, not the third party APP stores. There's a danger of download an app from third party APP stores as there's no guarantee of the quality of the at being a stall.
This could pose a potential security. Rest later, you'll find out that you have embedded a mountain software that could be an issue.
We are house after routing or jail breaking
basically removes that bender prescription on the mobile device to allow unsupported software to be installed.
Side loading is having an application package in a dot a PK format and then installing it on your mobile device. This is useful for developers who want to trial third party APS,
but it also allows another. I saw what they run on that mobile device. So again you have to realize that pose a potential security risks. We have custom firm, well, custom, firmer, firmer downloads are our use
so that you can root your what we call your mobile device
carrier, unlocking its where a mobile device is no longer tied to the original carrier. This will allow you to use your device with any other provider
firmware ot a firmware is software that is installed on a smaller read only memory chip on a home where hardware device and is used to control the heart were running on that device.
Camera used. We have smartphones and tablets rule out with very good quality cameras, and our days and video recorders whose media can be calculated are circulated on the social media within seconds.
We also have a short message service Assam's, which is known as a text message and has become a common method nowadays of communication.
External media is some devices except what we call the sternum media.
Then we have our U S B o T g basically USB on the go. What it does enable compatible devices to read data from a USB drive without going through a computer.
In addition, enforcement recording, uh, in terms for monitoring we have, according microphone. Virtually all of the smartphones are they have a built in microphone that can be used to record audio.
Global positioning said, like tagging is when you take a photograph or GPS tagging import that locates where that photograph was taken. Most of modern smartphones that they can do this by in fact, by default
y five. The regular ad hoc basis the WiFi direct Wallace network allows to WiFi devices to connect each other without work. Quietly. Wallace Access Point
Tittering Basic Teetering basis. What your GPS enabled smartphone can be attached to a mobile device to provide Internet access
payment methods. Smartphones nowadays allow credit card details to be stored locally so that the phone could be used to make what we call contact list payments.
Some additional objectives continuing with this particular get is called deployment model that they had several different deployment models that we need to talk about here,
and what we're gonna do is first of all, just take a look at bring your own device and then move it over down the VD. I'm discuss exactly what they are in this particular video.
Now, mobile device is now using Area Day lives, and they pose problems for security teams as a very portable. And they're screaming easy in case most cases to steal
first, when we have is a bring your own devices where you bring your personally own device to use in the workplace.
Cope basically stands for corporate own personal personally enable. It's where the company what it does. It purchased the device, such as a time but ah phone or laptop and allows US unemployed to use it for personal use.
Choose your own device.
In this case, it aborts problems of ownership because the company has a variety of tapas
phones as well as laptops.
Then we come to some of distant improvement. Modest, called corporate all model
now is a traditional model whereby the organization buys maintains of how often this model does not. A lot of employees use the device for personal use.
Then we have the virtual desktop infrastructure or beady eye. This is where an employee desktop is based in the cloud or a virtual platform, and this can be accessed by using a mobile device such as a tablet or a laptop.
At this point in time, we have our post assessment course in
what you need to do is determine whether or not the statement here either true or false,
and it reads as follows.
You bring your own devices where you bring your personal own device to use in the workplace. Is that your false?
Is that true? You're absolutely correct.
So again, bring your devices are personally owned devices. This base is now to our key takeaways. From this particular video.
We learned that MD of the software that allows security administrators to control, secure and enforce policies on smartphones,
tablets and other important devices reloaded. The virtual desktop infrastructure is one that provides virtual desktop to the user,
ready to corporately own personal enable.
It's where the company purchases the device, such as a tablet, a phone or laptop and allows employees use it for personal use.
We have choose your own device.
Basically, this does to avoid the problems of ownership, because the company as a writer, in this case of a writer of tablets, phones as well as laptops,
smartphone and tablets rollout again two down days where they have pretty good quality cameras and video recorders whose media can be circulated on social meter within minutes
or seconds. In other words,
at this point in time, we'll be taken moved on upcoming video by taking a look at 2.6 with this title giving us scenario,
implement secure protocols, look forward to seeing in the very next video

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