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In this lesson, Subject Matter Expert Dean Pompilio discusses the demonstrations that he will carry out in this course of the tools used by Social Engineers. The demonstrations will be done within the Kali Linux environment and will use the built-in Dradis tool. SME Pompilio goes through the menu system, how to download, and how to build your own virtual machine. The tools used are generally used for report generating and for gathering and organizing documents. Dradis lets you use a self-contained Web site to organize your information as you gather it. It is a very useful tool for creating folders, adding notes, and adding attachments. You will be replicating the demonstrations in your own Kali environment.

Video Transcription

So what are some of the tools that we can we can start getting introduced to? What I've done is I've created a video to introduce you to Cali Lennox,
and I kind of go through the menu ing system look and feel of Lennox. Give you some details about where you can download this, how you can build your own virtual machine, it very useful.
And all of the labs that I are all the demonstrations that I do for this course are done within the Cali Lennox environment.
So it's definitely something you want to start learning about. If you're interested in this line of work,
there's also a tool called Greatest. This is built into Callie.
There are other tools of this type. They're basically report
generating tools or document gathering your document organizing tools
and drain us, in particular, lets you use Ah, nice self contained website
to organize your information as you gather what you can create folders and add notes and had attachments and very useful for that purpose.
All right, so go ahead and watch the videos and good luck with replicating these labs on your own. Callie instance.
So you in the next section. Thank you

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