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Video Transcription
Hello, everybody. Welcome to lessen 6.4. Deliver service and support. My name is on 100 Gina, and I'll be your instructor for today's lesson.
The learning operatives of this video is to identify and understand how the process is included in the deliver service and support domain
again. As I mentioned before, guys in the sections I will go through all the processes included on each domain.
In this case, again, we have another and management made. So, uh,
just please berg me. I know I'm boring you to death, just mentioning each process, and you know the description off each of them. But it's necessary for you to understand what, What? Each processed us and, um
and, you know, I understand how this each process helps to achieve either an enterprise goal or island goals or both. So bird with me. Okay.
Uh, okay. The first processes manage operations. You know, the description is to coordinate and executed activities on operational procedures required to deliver internal on out sorts. I t service is,
you know, included the execution off pretty finest unders operations.
And you know, basically the purpose is to deliver I t operational product and service out good outcomes. That's us plant.
It supports enterprise able. For example, e g 01 portfolio off competitive products and service is and, for example, e g 08 optimization off internal business process functionality. You will have all this again if you buy the standards I have been showing you
through the entire course.
This course is based on those publications from ICE AKA. So you can go and bite a love those publications. And you know you will get more details on this and you will get, you know, maybe a graphic to see how each process helps to achieve a specific enterprise will or alignment balls.
Okay, so ah, then we have managed service requests and incidents
in this case, the descriptions to provide timely and effective response the use of requests and resolution off all types of incidents. Restore restore no normal service record and fulfill used to request on record Investigate. Diagnose. In this college unresolved instance,
the purpose is basically to achieve increased productivity and minimize disruptions
through quick resolutions and user quarries in incidents off use occurrence and it's in sensory on it helps to chief, for example, Enterprise Bull Portfolio off enterprise products and service is an optimization of internal business process functionality and, for example, are lying and go, huh?
Delivery off I T service is in line with business
Then we have managed problems, which is basically to identify and classified problems under root causes. You know that there were carved analyses, the air C a
RC am sorry
and to provide timely resolution to prevent, you know,
recurring incidents provide recommendations for improvements. A swell.
The purpose is to increase availability, improve service levels, produced costs, improve customer convenience and satisfaction by reducing the number off operational problems and identify root causes. This part of the problem resolution
he helps the cheap enterprise ball, for example, 08 optimization after journal business process functionality and a lime and goes your five. For example, Deliberate off I T service is in light wind business requirements.
Then we have, um,
manage continuity basically, to sister establish and maintain a plan to enable the business and I T organizations to respond incidents as quickly as possible and a back to the disruptions. This will enable continue operation of critical business processes are requirements are
I t service is to maintain availability of resources.
US. It's un informations.
The purpose is to basically continue operating, you know, creating a B C P Business continuity plan or the RP disaster recovery plan you know to adopt rapidly could continue the business operations and maintain a bale of Italy off resources on information. For example,
it helps to chief Enterprise Gold, for example. 01 which is portfolio off competitive products and service, is ah, enterprise. Herbal tea will do, for example, managed business risk and alignment goals. For example, a G 05 which is deliberating delivery off I t. Surfaces in light
with business requirements.
Then we have managed Security Service's, which is the descriptions to protect enterprise information, to maintain the level of information security, risk to an acceptable level and who sets who sets that acceptable level? Who says the risk appetite Well, it's always management.
Okay. Oh, are you know, the CEO or the board of directors and
that you know, upper management
and the purpose of this process is to minimize the business impact off operational information, security vulnerabilities in incidents it helps achieve, For example, enterprise gold you're do manage business risk on, and it also helps to achieve a lineman goals for example, 07
security off information
processing, infrastructure, security, information processing, infrastructure on applications and privacy.
Then we have AH managed business process controls which is basically to define and maintain appropriate business processes controls to ensure that information related to on processes by process it by in house and outsource business processes satisfies
all relevant information called control requirements.
We have to identify the realm, aunt information first, as you can imagine and then manage and operate you know, the input true output. I mean basically the entire life cycle off the process on the purpose is to maintain information integrity on the security of information assets is handling
within the business process with
I have so Chief enterprise will, for example, is your weight optimization off internal business requirements and climbing gold your weight as well enabling and supporting business processes by integrated applications and technology.
What process has the identify Rh D s s 01 again? The first process we saw is managed operations, Remember is to the purpose is to deliver I t operational product and service is outcomes as planned
mentioned one enterprising, all supported by the S as Leo one for Temple and Personals. You're one portfolio of competitive products, and service is
enterprise gold 08 optimization off internal business processes functionality.
And I mentioned one alignment bull, but supported by the S s 01
for example, our linemen go 05 on delivery of I T service is in light with business requirements.
In today's video, we just cause all the process is included in the deliver service and support remain
again. I second location. You guys, I cannot mention any other sources that you can go.
Well, that's it for today, folks. I hope you enjoyed the Billy A and talk to you soon.
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