Defining a Business Context

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Video Transcription
Hello, everybody. Welcome to Lesson 2.0, defining a business context. My name is Earl 100 Gina, and I'll be constructive for today's lesson.
The learning operatives of these videos to 95 on Define a Business context. Understand why business and I t must be together. Some basic concepts about carpet and how it relates to business governance
benefits from information and technology governance.
So a CZ we're going through at the transformation era, information technology just became crush
in support off enterprises previously governing entities such as board of directors or CEOs. Cool Delegate it giving ignored I t related decisions.
Molly Creation for direct directors and senior management. For example, Getting the benefits well. Optimizing resource is risk.
He's often driven by 18 hour days in business models.
This just means that digitized enterprises are increasingly dependent off a i t. For survival on growth.
Given the dependency off i t for enterprise risk management and Bali Generation,
a specific focus on enterprise Governance of Information Act technology, also known as Egypt, has increased over the past maybe 20 to 10 to 20 years.
Agent isn't you know, other important part off corporate governance?
It is exercised by the board that oversees the definition and implementation of processes instructors on relation of traditional mechanisms in the organization that enable both business and I t people to execute the responsibilities in support for business goals.
In this case, the context of the enterprise, governance and information technology has
tree main points that enterprise governance of I t.
The Business I TL argument
and Bali creation business governance off I tease complex. There's no one size fits all weight is to design, implement or maintain on effective Egypt with them. We didn't UN organization.
Having said that, members of governing boards
on senior management typically need to tailor their their agent measurement and implementation to their own specific context of needs.
This must be, you know, also, they all must also be willing to accept more accountability on ownership. Off I t. On drive, you know,
different minds f on culture for delivering Bali from I t to the business,
we can mention a couple of benefits from actually, you know,
changes this culture and, you know, give more economy ability and ownership to the board of directors over the A T decisions and at that very basic definition off Egypt. It is concerned with value delivery from digital transformation on the medication of business risk that was that
go result
from digital transformation.
More specifically, trained me three main outcomes can be expected for my successful adoption. Often Egypt. Benefit realization, risk optimization and research research optimization
benefits. Realization. This consists of creating value for the enterprise. True, I t.
The basic principle of I t r Delivery or a fit for purpose Service's and solutions
on time,
No time and within budget. I mean, we don't want to spend way too much because, you know, that's one of the main problems for I t. Guys such as myself. Today we have no gained their reputation off, you know, being an expense to the business and Lauren Investment. So this could change with, you know, taking,
considering this benefit realization point
off the carpet implementation and frame board.
So the risk optimization, this pretty obvious. This means that, you know, addressing the business risk associated with the I t off the enterprise Now when when we talk about risk, we have to mention two very important
points and concepts, which is the impact and the probability
on And when you start talking in terms off risk to your board of directors, for example, when you're trying to pitch them a solution and tell him you know what we need to buy, you know, just to mention a technology, we need to buy a firewall. Honey, we need to buy an I P. S or a deal P solution. Um,
and these will degree the risk from
I don't know this point to this point. Um wouldn't decrees that we have the chance and the probability of losing this this amount of money on when you start talking In these terms, the board of directors will pay closer attention to your solutions and finally, the research optimization.
This ensures that the A prepared capabilities are in place to execute the strategic
plan on sufficient, appropriate and effective resources are provided. Research optimization ensures that on integrated economic alight, infrastructure is provided. New technology is introduced us require, But the business on obsolete system are updated or replaced
because it recognizes the importance of people. In addition to Harward in some port,
it focuses on providing training, promoting retention and insuring competence. Key off key. I t personal
on important research is data and information as well. So, you know, exploiting these data through maybe a knowledge base is also another thing to to consider another key element of resource optimization.
So basically, you need to ensure that I t. Objectives are aligned with the enterprise goals and business operatives. For example, if the business if the goal is the game or morning, which you know how I sell almost all the time,
how can I t help to achieve this goal? The answer will not be the same, For example, for an in commerce business to a gas station chain, for example, because you know how to gain money is completely different.
You can achieve that, um,
in different ways and also for different context and in different business and business rules. So again, how can I t actually help to the business to create value?
And, as we discussed before, treatment points just us as a Rica
benefits realization, risk optimization, our research optimization.
What does Egypt mean?
Well, remember that we discussed at the beginning of the video it means enterprise or just stands for Enterprise Governance and Information Act Technology
mentioned it remained benefits from adopting and Egypt well benefits, realization, risk optimization and research optimization.
In this video, we discuss what's each it and why it is important to today's business.
How can agent help enterprices to achieve its goals and the main benefits from adopt him? An agent
supplementary materials There's
there's no other way to go here. You can you can search on Google and you will have a time of information. But if you are actually planning to, you know, take the carpet certification or implement and carve it in your business, there's no other reserves I can wreck a man to go to. So you will see this in almost all the slides.
Because of the end, you will have to go to the main resource. And you know,
I'm trying to provide as much information as possible. But in this publication do we have you will have a lot of more information to go to.
Well, that's it for today, folks, I hope injury a video and talk to you soon.
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