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Well, there's been fantastic. And you have a course coming out with us too, right? Kind of. You kind of alluded to it. So you want to just kind of give yourself a quick shout and sure sure talk about what it is. Yeah, of course. Is our revenue protection? There's a C. So So we talked about earlier that security is typically seen as a cost center.
But there are things as a security leader that you can do to
not only protect revenue, but they're also opportunities to generate revenue, especially as we go into a more privacy and regulatory focused industry. Um, highlighting how you protect your customers, data being transparent and your security practices and policies,
uh, you know, being able to properly manage the budget. Those are all things that that can
improved, how security has seen in the organization and also speaking the language of the business and not, you know, a lot of tech talk. Where is a stumbling block for a lot of security leaders, especially if they came up
from purely technical backgrounds. It's like, All right, so I'm here now, um,
in the executive suite,
but I'm still talking. You know operational tech, which sort of gets lost in translation. You know, most boards or executive teams have heavily sales or business base backgrounds. So you just have to learn how to speak their language, which is quite typically around numbers and quantify things
so they can make a business decision
based on, you know, profits and losses. Yeah, which is at the end of the day is what they care about. And I love how you think about it. You're not thinking about yourself is a cost center. You're like, No, we're revenue enable men were. So you're looking at the other side of the ledger and making sure that you
are empowering your organization in the right way. Absolutely. Because if it comes down to, ah, you know, bake off between you know, us and another company, what can we do or what have we done in a security manner? That
just a scale without favour? Do we have more certifications? Are Have we checked, Maur
you know, boxes all these questionnaires. Meaning you know, we we've done amore. Ah, better job of due diligence in protecting our customers data so And that actually comes up a lot
especially for Cloud based Cos Well, I think I speak for our community and saying, I can't wait to see it. Awesome. Yeah. Coming. So so under debate on it, I'm here for you. So
that was the excited. Well, thank you, Terrence. Really appreciate. You're like, like it said, your contributions community. Thanks for coming today. Any last thoughts for for audience out here? Um,
you No way did we talked about a lot of risk based decisions today. Um, but I think just one of the decisions that we all seemingly do not think about every day is just being more mindful
of what we put out. You know what, what data information we share.
Um, and you know, one of the ramifications of that? Sure, if if it gets or go somewhere where it shouldn't. So I just always encourage people to do their due diligence. We don't like to read those Ulis was privacy statements, but actually read them, understand them
and make a proper decision.
Ah, calculated decision. And, you know, live with the consequences. Don't make uninformed, ignorant decision. And then, you know, be mad later. Yeah, absolutely. So so do your do does. Because you due diligence
Well said. Well, thanks so much. Thank you.
Hi, guys.
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