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Jordan Schroeder talks about his experience using InisghtIDR, a detection and investigation solution from Rapid7.

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24 minutes
Video Description

Jordan Schroeder talks about his experience using InisghtIDR, a detection and investigation solution from Rapid7.

Video Transcription
My name is Jordan Schroeder, and I'm a rapid seven customer. Before we had Rapid seven. In our environment,
we had many different processes and many different tools helping us out. One of those was a log aggregator.
But the problem with the log aggregator alone was simply that we would need to have people who had experienced in the network, including the director of G R. C and the director of I T, looking at the logs on a daily basis, trying to find those anomalies, those things that
were successes but weren't supposed to be successes. It's easy to alert on errors and problems, but it's not so easy to alert on things that you don't expect.
So when I heard about Rapid seven's Inside I. D. Our product, I immediately became interested. I'm very familiar with Rapid seven, as a company has been using their other products. But having that expertise in a tool that could identify user behavior anomalies was something is very interested in.
So I contacted them. They set up a demo for my environment,
and the demo set up was very quick. There was almost no tuning at all, and within an hour after turning inside i. D. Are on
my company was getting high value, very interesting, very useful alerts almost immediately.
And that was that was a very effective demo for my company and my team
because after a week and we had tested out the various capabilities of the tool on whether or not we were going to get full coverage, and we're going to see everything
by the end of the week, the director of G. R. C and the director of I T simply stopped looking at the logs because they didn't feel they needed to anymore.
Inside, I. D. R. Has freed up those four people to do their jobs and do the rest of their work. While we have the condensed knowledge and wisdom of Rapid seven in a service that looks through our logs 24 7 and provides us what we need to do to do our job and to protect both ourselves, our clients
and our client's data.