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In this lesson, Subject Matter Expert (SME) Kelly Handerhan discusses aspects of Project Management in today's enterprise and notes that Project Management roles continue to develop throughout the enterprise; they no longer are confined to IT projects, but are rapidly expanding throughout all of the organization. Handerhan discusses: - "the Cloud", its role in Project Management, the benefits and limitations of its use, and the tools used to maximize Cloud solutions and other online information sharing methods that enhance collaboration - the increased reliance on resource management from a central site to distributed teams - the increasing need for professional project managers who understand the processes and formalized methods that focus on quality and meeting the stated objectives within budget and on deadlines - credentials and certifications that may be necessary in many organizations are discussed. - how today's Project Managers must produce successful projects that meet requirements and deliver value and learn how to produce value and reduce waste and scope creep - the quantifiable differences between high performing and low performing organizations THE SUBJECT OF HIGH PERFORMERS VS LOW PERFORMERS CONTINUES IN Part 2 of this Module.

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Transition to Project Management

Leveraging your technical expertise in order to move into a project management role is simple once you grasp the stages of project planning. Utilize the proven methodologies used by IT professionals to ease your transition into leadership.

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