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Analysts in an organization play vital roles in CTI. Their number and specific duties will vary depending on an organization's size, but their fundamental responsibility is to identify actionable threats and communicate them to interested stakeholders. Activities of CTI analysts fall into fall into strategic and tactical functions. We'll cover each in later modules. For now, it's important to understand that analysts are tasked with detecting, analyzing, and responding to threats. The analysis step is critical for warding off false positives. An important part of the analysis step is compiling indicators of compromise or IOCs. A baseline of activity and metrics is developed beforehand which is then applied to any events that raise suspicion. This consists of unusual outbound traffic, anomalies in privileged user account activity, unusual occurrence of encrypted traffic among other indicators.

Course Modules

Intro to Cyber Threat Intelligence

Module 8 - Tactical Threat Intelligence Requirements

Module 12 - Summary

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