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We continue with the CISSP course with an examination of Cryptography. Our Cryptography course is broken up into 8 parts, and nicely ties in with our Penetration and Ethical Hacking course, as well as our Computer and Hacking Forensics pre series of courses for the CHFI (Computer Hacking and Forensics Investigator) exam. When we think of privacy, we also think of confidentiality. This premise is the basic formula for how encryption services provide us with privacy: Plaintext +initiation vector+algorithm+key = CipherText. You'll learn why the starting point of privacy and confidentiality begins with Plaintext, what initiation vector (IV) is, what happens at the beginning of the process, and how you arrive at CipherText as a concept.

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CISSP Archive (10 Domain - 2014)

CISSP 2015 Domain Restructuring