Video Description

In this lab, Subject Matter Expert Dean Pompilio demonstrates a tool called Creepy. The Web site provides a useful tool that allows you to do geolocation for a target by using various social networking platforms to track individuals. Creepy works with Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, and Google Plus. Creepy is available to use within Kali, but Windows is used for this demonstration. SME Pompilio demonstrates a person-based geolocation using himself as the target. (You need to be aware when using this tool that a target may have disabled geolocation). In this lesson you will learn:

  • how to launch the tool
  • the need to configure the plug-ins for the Web sites you want to use
  • the need to create accounts on the platforms you want to use
  • how to log in and get a pin number that authorizes sites to allow Creepy read-only access
  • how to select multiple targets and select a project
  • the available options such as including re-tweets and including replies in the information Creepy returns
  • that the program sends the geolocation data to Google Maps
  • that a map is returned showing the target's tweet locations and showing the tweets with a date and time stamp
  • how to use the analysis link, which will give other statistics and further information about the tweets
  • other things you can do such as filter by location, date, or position (distance from the point of interest) to narrow things down
  • how to remove your filters

SME Pompilio states that Creepy is one tool to add to your bag of tricks to correlate information and to use with the built-in features of many social networking sites to get information about your target. He also says that the information returned by Creepy may not be 100 percent correct and may need to be correlated with other information to verify it.

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