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Video Transcription
Now that we have gone over the sidebar, let's look at actually creating our first slide. To do that, we hover are mouse over the plus icon to the right of our current slide.
As we hover over the plus icon, we can see a couple of other options pop up for us below.
These will give you options to duplicate export and delete your current slide.
These options will only appear when you were hovering over the plus icon, So do not be worried if you do not regularly see them
the last option here to delete your slide. We can see when we hover over it that it asked you to hold down to delete.
This is important when trying to delete a slide, as if you just click on it. Nothing happens. You will need to click and hold down until the progress well completes toe. Actually delete the current slide like so now, toe actually add a new slide to our presentation. We're going to click on the plus icon, which will pull up a new screen showing us all of the slide templates that beautiful offers.
As we can see, there are a bunch of templates to choose from, which should help in creating unique slides that will best represent your information.
Each slide template has its own name, which helps finding one you've used before. Easier.
The beautiful team is constantly working and adding in new templates to make sure to keep checking back to see if a new template has arrived.
Also, while you are working, if you think of a template that you would like to see, please let us know and we compassion along to our beautiful representatives.
Let's go ahead and select one of the templates to start working. I'm going to choose the icons with text template to go over how to edit a slide.
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