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1 hour 19 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello and welcome to Cyber Aires. Create a sub net. I will be in your instructor, Trenton hero, and let's go and begin.
All right, so the pre right for this course you need Well, you need an interest. Computer networks, Otherwise you wouldn't be taking it. You need a basic knowledge of I P addresses and networking generally. Just like I had to know how a sudden mess works or no, how.
No. I p addresses what they are. A TTE least not a kind of find yours on your own computer.
And the pencil and paper is pretty much needed on this. I mean, if you have a white board or something, you know something along those lines.
So I'm dreading, dear. Oh, I'm a curtain network engineer. Three. I have the, uh, just certifications from County a Cisco ***. Paulo. Tell all the kind of big ones
get ready to take a little bit of C, C and P stuff here soon.
I am a bully breed advocate. I love with the pit bulls on the great bumps Make it for dogs. I have about nine years and National Guard I've done everything from if tree to field artillery to cyber. And now I'm back to field artillery. And also I got my bachelor's degree from Western governors about a year ago
in I t. Security. So anyone who's going to college or to be geo for exactement
especially go night owls?
All right, So the big silver miner materials for this course there's me Quiz. Put out my Cyberia that's just gonna have some practice questions on it.
And again, the good one that I used, especially when I'm studying for my c, c and A. You know, when it's real important to build a hammer out subheading road quickly was Todd Lamb who puts out a nice little practice? Paige, Um, you know, I'm choi it later in the course, but basically you just put in your range or you could give you a range,
and then you write the first and, you know, last piece of that sub net and write in a mask and so forth.
So this audience that this intended for anyone who wants toe learn something or get a better grasp on it without having to use a calculator.
This is going to give you a better working knowledge on how to do some knitting very quickly in your head. Or if you're really bored on a Saturday and you just have an hour to burn it, you want to do something productive and congrats to you. Let's go ahead and keep us going.
So this course we're gonna review the I P V foreign I, p v six networks, we're gonna go over different class full networking, kind of how the different bit ratios work
on, then Conversion of binary hexi decimal is gonna be kind of a smaller review, but it will go through it wrote quickly blast through. It s so that'll be module one. So if you already know those things, go ahead and just push on a module to war. We're gonna really hit subheading, and we're gonna also going toe into super netting as well.
So in this video today we discussed who I am. We looked at the learning objectives for the course and then we also looked at the general outline for the module one of the module two
as always. Thank you all for watching the video. You know, for this senior in the next one
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