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Video Transcription
Hey, everybody. So congratulations. If you made it to this video, you've completed the course. We just wrapped up the reporting section, so way to go. You should be very, very proud of yourself. Now you're in a great position now to go if you're gonna take the sort of unethical hacker examination.
So remember, if you haven't downloaded, the resource is for this course you definitely want to do. So
you're gonna find notes and some other good information to help you pass the test.
I also want to emphasize that even though the certified ethical hacker examination itself is not a hands on type of test practice, practice practice on your own, right? Cyber. He has a lot of labs you can do to gain that information to get a lot of good practicing. Even if you don't decide to be a penetration tester for career salary can help you with a lot of different avenues.
And learning ethical hacking mindset
is gonna help you a lot as you traverse your career gaps.
So just a quick recap of everything we covered so far and again, this is just a high level overview.
So, Marge, a warm We trust on the basic information. Right? So we talked about why I should even consider being a penetration tester. Different things like the CIA tree, odd authentication on repudiation. And if you also recall, we talked about some of the different laws. And then we had that cool little video where we went through. We did an actual password crack using John the Ripper
module to we did footprint. So we learned how to gather information on our target from different Web resources and also learning different things.
Module three, we did our skinning an enumeration. So we gathered a lot of information, and then we figured out how to kind of map out, eh? So to speak our target. We also incorporated vulnerabilities in there as well. If you recall, I mentioned that vulnerabilities is a whole new section on the new easy council material. But we incorporated in that section is well, just the things you actually need to know for the exam.
Mom, before we got into system hacking. So we talked about different route kids and stuff like that that we can use to maintain access on a system
margin. Five. We talked about malware, so viruses, worms, Trojans and we learned a little bit about different types of attacks and tools we can use for these attacks.
Minds of six We went over sniffing, so we learned about wire, shark and other tools that we could use a basically capture network traffic and potentially get user names and passwords
in March of seven. We don't our social engineering. We also do that lab where we kind of did that high level overview of reconnaissance on somebody. And again, I encourage you just a practice on yourself. See what kind information you're putting out there
modulate. We did our denial of service and distributed denial of service. So basically
we as a bad guy or even as a good guy are keeping users from getting their resource is right. So we're we're focusing on that CIA tree act. So the availability of the data is what we're targeting.
And Marshall nine. We went over session hijacking. We actually had a lab to as well on network level session hijacking.
Much of 10 we had went over Web servers and Web applications in different ways. The hacker
and March 11. We did our sequel injection
and then in marble module 12 we jumped in the hacking, WiFi and Bluetooth. We learned about different types of Bluetooth hacking.
Marshall 13. We went over our mobile security and hacking, and so we talked about Android and IOS. We talked a little bit about the architecture as well.
Much of 14. We touched on our intrusion detection intrusion prevention systems and then also firewalls and honey pots
and much of 15. We did R i O T s who are Internet of things.
And again, that's a new module on the actual easy council exam material.
Marshall 16. We did the clown. We talked about different cloud types and architectures
much of 17. We took a big dive into cryptography and learned a little bit about that subject.
And finally we wrapped up just before this video and module 18 with our report template.
So again, thank you so much for taking this course I really, really want encourage you if you're not Ah, monthly member to cyber bury. It opens up the world to you. You get labs for all sorts of things. You know, like you know, this is kind of like that master key, right? It opens up everything. You know that master key in the hotel? They can open up every single door. That's the same same thing with a savory
The cyber reprogrammed it started pro membership.
It's really it's really a good thing I have it on Dive used the labs. I actually used Saberi videos and labs for both my sort of fanatical ethical hacker and my computer hacking forensic investigator exam so I can attest to it. From a personal standpoint, I mean, as well as an as an instructor on the platform, I'm able to use a lapse as well, continuing. So,
um, I highly recommended you get access to a lot of things,
and if you don't want to do a cool, videos are always free, so you can always get the training. And that's that's one of the cool things I like about cyber. So again, Thank you for taking the course. I mean, I'll see you in the next one
Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

If the idea of hacking as a career excites you, you will benefit greatly from completing this training here on Cybrary. You will learn how to exploit networks in the manner of an attacker, in order to find out how protect the system from them. Those interested in earning their Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) will want to start by taking this course

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