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In this lesson, the instructor thanks participants for taking part in the lesson and emphasizes students have constant access to Cybrary to access materials on demand.

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Hi. This is shoddy and I want to personally thank you for completing the office. 3 65 Web management course. Now completing this course means you've gone through the course modules.
You've gone through the homework assignments. You've completed the assessment test so you're all set and ready to go in terms of being up and running as a office. 3 65 Web content manager One thing I want you to keep in mind that as a registered member to Cyber Eri
that you have access to the course material as it continues to go on.
These videos are on demand, so continue to wash them for increased retention and increasing your overall knowledge network for office 3 65 Please stay tuned to the various A Q and A sessions that I'll be hosting through Cyber Eri. If you have any questions, just
send me a message through my profile. Once again,
I'm shadowing the laser subject matter Expert for Office 3 65 Web management course I thank you for your time. I thank you for your energy and your effort in completing this course

Microsoft Office 365 Web Content Management / SharePoint

In this course you will learn how to leverage SharePoint to build business applications, create a communication repository with controlled access and employ web-based applications for convenient browser-based access.

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