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Video Transcription
All right. Welcome back to this. What's this? Now? The fourth video in the series. We are discussing Microsoft 365 APS carrying on from the last video was still in module one. So we're not too far into this, But it is a big, big lesson that we're covering here. So
Microsoft 365 APS. What is it? So we've discussed this a little bit when we looked at what is much of 365
But the apse is basically office. Office is, has
How is the best place? What's the best way to to talk about this office has gone out of the window now, So it's not office 365 anymore. It's Microsoft. 365 APS. So this is what you call it. Not this effectively. That's what they're doing with it. So this covers word, Excel,
Power point,
outlook and teams. All right. And that is for both platforms, Windows and Mac. All right, so these are the icons that you will see as they go down. So this is word If you're not seen these before,
this is Let me get this right. Excel,
This is Power Point.
This is outlook. I think everyone knows what outlook is. I hope so, anyway, then this is teams,
all right, so that gives you a quick run down on the the icons and what you should be looking for for each of those
now, it's not a Web based version of office. When you say Microsoft 365 APS I'm not talking about logging into office dot com and using the Web browser to edit a document that is no marks off 365 laps. Now these applications work on premises or online
with Sorry with on premises or online versions of exchange.
SharePoint, Skype for business as well. They absolutely find whether it doesn't matter if its cloud or physical infrastructure on they can install from either directly from the Internet, usually from office dot com.
So if you're accessing it directly from the Internet office, dot com is the website where you would log in or from a network share.
Now this is used from something called the O. D T. The office deployment tool, something way more than what we would cover in the fundamentals course. But it's just something to be aware of if you don't want everyone you know. If you've got 500 staff, you don't want them or going toe office dot com here to install
the software.
What you want is to download it once and then share it out across your network via the office deployment tool.
All right, then, then after installation, it doesn't have to be connected to the Internet constantly to use it. But you do need to connect at least once a month. All right, so that's something to keep in mind as well. Now the applications are updated either monthly or semi it monthly
sorry semi, semi monthly, semi monthly or semi annually with new features.
ONDA include security updates and other updates as well for Marc Soft, and you can decide which of these, whether it's one or two,
which of these you wanted to actually work with? All right, so it's entirely up to you as a system administrator to choose which frequency of updates works best for your organization.
All right,
excellent. OK, now let's move on to accessibility. Now, Microsoft have
a huge range of accessibility, options and tools that are built into much for 365 the applications that come with months or 365 and also the operating system. Windows 10. It's a It's a giant list, and it's I could make an entire course
on what they have covered. Inaccessibility. This is way, way out of scope with what this course offers. But please, if you do have anyone who needs any kind of accessibility requirements within your business, have a look
at the accessibility built into Microsoft. 365
at a time of this one in a ton of this video, Sorry is still under the office tag, as you can see on the end here.
But don't worry, is Microsoft 365 so it covers everything, including Windows. 10. Have a good look through because there's a lot of stuff in there. There's things like it has the ability to magnify the screen properly, focused the cursor.
If people have trouble with keyboards and holding them multiple keys, you have sticky keys, total keys.
You know, the mental health side of things is like, you know, the way the brain processes data. It can actually create a dark environment so you can have dark mode enabled on the operating system on do you know the coloring system of the marks of 365 APS.
You know, it's got a narrator built into the operating system lots and lots of different things that can help.
But as I said, I could literally spend hours talking about the accessibility and load. So have a quick look if you do need. But it's not something generally that the fundamentals would need to cover for any kind of exam or anything like that.
Eso If if you do need it, have a quick look and see what See for yourself.
All right, so pop quiz. Let's end with one of our lovely questions. What version of Windows is the minimum requirement to use Windows 10 Enterprise from Microsoft 365
We did discuss this. So when we talked about the Windows as a service or operating system as a service, if you remember those,
we had a quick chat about what it waas. So Windows Windows 10 comes as an upgrade on some of the subscription models.
What was the minimum level required in order to use the upgrade?
Pause the video, have a think, Maybe go back if you need to. On I will see you back here in a few seconds.
All right, Welcome back. So if you had said Windows seven professional, you would be correct. Now, remember, only the professional versions
we'll hire from Windows seven onwards can be upgraded. So it could be Windows eight. It could be 8.1.
Or it could be 10.
However, it's professional or higher. So home.
I'm afraid you're out of luck with that one.
All right. Wow. Excellent. Let's move on then. So video summary were at the end. Yea. So in this sequence of videos we have discussed today what Microsoft 365 core services do. So these were the APS.
These were SharePoint or it's quite a list, isn't it? On this one,
We were looking at teams Wells. Did we look out? We looked at exchange.
Ah, I'm trying to think what else? I think that pretty much covers it for that side of things. Ah,
yeah. Yeah, because we got the marks of 365 APS. That was pretty much the bulk of it. They're SharePoint teams exchange yen out. Say that covers up on then what? The features of these services are So we went into more detail. Discussing what? How they work together.
What are the benefits of these services and what you know? How do they mesh effectively?
And they work together. All right. I hope this video has been educational. Four year and informational. I'd like to thank you for watching, and I will see you in the next.
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