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Video Transcription
Hi, everyone. Welcome back to the core. So, congratulations. You've made it through this many course on social engineering.
So what do we cover while in the introduction section, we covered a little bit about who I am As your instructor. We also cover how the course were structured as well as some of the objectives for the course. Now again, the objectives were to perform a phishing attack with the set tool or the social engineering tool kit, as well as reviewing some different social media profiles to see what kind of information we could get.
And we did all those inside a module to in the labs
and then a module three here. We're just wrapping up for this particular course
so startled to at the end there some courses you should be checking out if you're interested in social engineering, top of stuff. So fishing, for example, or, like us be drop attacks. Eso USB drop attack is of course, that's currently on the site. As of the filming of this video, the fishing courses coming soon to the site. So it's gonna be great
course on crafting the perfect phishing e mail.
We've also got a physical penetration testing course again, that's coming soon in the next couple of months here. And then, of course, if you want kind of a longer version of things, we've got my penetration testing an ethical hacking course. It's 40 up on the site.
So again, I want to thank you for watching this many course. Hopefully, you learned a lot. And again, don't forget to download the supplement of resource is section. As I mentioned before, I got some assessments in there for you, as well as all of the lab, step by step guides that you'll need for this course.
Social Engineering

We will explore some fake social media profiles, craft our very own phishing email and malicious payload using the Social Engineering Toolkit (SET) in Kali Linux, and play the “victim” by opening the malicious file.

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