CompTIA 902 Introduction

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8 hours 33 minutes
Video Transcription
the Comp Tia A plus 2 29 +02 is an industry certification with exam objectives designed to validate the skills and knowledge required by entry level I T professionals in the workforce. The purpose of this course is to serve as a self study resource to help repair the candidate to sit for the certification exam.
A plus 2 29 +01 exam is a prerequisite to the +902 and the candidate is required to pass both in order to earn the A plus certification. The content within the prep course helps to reinforce training concepts for rules such as technical support specialist and system administrator. Areas covered on the exam focus on configuring and maintaining Windows,
Apple OSX,
Lennox, IOS and Android operating systems. Additionally, an overview of security troubleshooting, operational procedures, cloud computing and communication skills are addressed. The exam is broken into five knowledge domains, with questions evaluating the candidates comprehension. Within each, the exam is weighted across the domains, with
29% for Windows operating systems,
12% for other operating systems and technologies, 22% for security, 24% for software troubleshooting and 13% for operational procedures.
Across these five domains, 90 questions are presented with the 90 minute time limit to complete the exam.
The questions are a mix of multiple choice and performance based questions.
The best possible score is 900 equivalent to a 100% and a passing score is 700 or higher. The Self Study Prep course is designed to be a supplemental resource for preparing for the A plus certification exam. Additional study materials should be referenced to increase the candidates overall success in passing the Conte A Plus 2 20
and I know to certification exam.
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