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cool last 11 person, but not the last one for everyone here. Remember, just for practice, your ethical fitness. This is what we're trying to do Here is the same thing as personal fitness. You gotta debate these kinds of situations. Start to think through it because
ultimately there are many different Syria's where this works, right, like and
ultimately, do you need to make a decision? A CZ. You go through this process, but you also need to take things into account rate. So remember the Egypt pigs scenario that I mentioned earlier in the course right, how that this process wasn't utilized And it caused,
you know, some major religious issues, right? And frankly, just a lot of trash and so you don't want to end up in a situation like that. So visualize that trash next time when you're not going through the the process that we have outlined here,
the last one and we'll keep him or include these, as I mentioned
in the resource is tab and along with additional scenarios that you can use for practice.
So one person on your team has implemented defenses that secured dozens of environments for your organization you're given a bonus pool for your employees, they need to determine how to distribute it.
Do you give it based on team performance or based on individual?
So there's a little different scenario,
but it's ah, it's a common scenario, right? Managers given a bonus pool, and they need that they're able to make that decision. So how would you think through this? So, uh, are they give a free rein on on that in this scenario? Or there's a certain structure company policy regarding,
But this is so good question, right? So I think like one of the things that you want to start investigating
is what is the company policy?
Then you probably want to talk to your fellow managers on how they're distributing, right? Because Andi have their thinking through it because ultimately you don't want to be too different from them. But naturally, like,
you know, if you're in technology versus sales, there might be a different
kind of structure. There, right
shows those are good things to think about. How else would you think about how sure did it? Well, I would look at the amount because instead of giving everything to one person
perhaps I can give them a higher one because of their contributions, but also still give everyone else some other bonus to make sure that they understand. I appreciate them as well, so some of that will be tied to the actual amount of the bonus pool that I have on. And then the other thing is, I'm gonna talk to the team
as well. I'll talk to my team. And also Hey,
we've got a couple of options that we can do with these bonus pools right now. Just kind of throw hypotheticals out there. Yeah, right. So I'll say a couple options is 11 way we can do it is weaken
to individual performance, and if somebody's kind of selling over everyone on the team,
they could get a higher one. Or everyone could get the same amount as a team because we really want to push the team aspect here. So why don't you guys take a silent vote on it? Will tally it up, will determine what sort of the majority wants, and then we'll do that route.
You'll probably find that most people least my experience will want the team
bonus, right, But you just kinda have toe Ask those questions of the team without specifically saying, Yeah, Leaf was killing it this month. By the way, do you guys want to get all the money, or would you guys want to distribute it? I think also, like, I would, um, I think that, you know, that's good
methodology around it. I think I would also
see what we promised upfront rate. So, like, who actually had, like, you know, kind of strict guidelines on what they delivered
and how well did they do, Right. So right off the bat, you kind of wanted to have that. You want to do that due diligence upfront before you go into that scenario, Um, so once and I think talking the team is only f
he don't have corporate guidelines, and you don't have very, very clear managers that, like, you know, they've got a very clear process in place, and everyone's following the same thing, right? So it's only if you have to make up your own kind of distribution system.
yeah. I think at the end of the day, like, you know,
um, I see a lot of companies going towards team performance nowadays. Ah, nde helps with team cohesion. But if I were a manager of a sales team, I know it's mostly individual. Great. Um and so it's good to understand
what you're who you're delivering thio and why and what they're doing, right. And ultimately, you want to drive the actions that you want in the company, right? Like so you know, if someone was really killing it and they're picking their teammates up the whole way, you want them to continue to do that,
right? And so whatever way is the
most logical for that is probably the area that you want to lean towards based on those personal values. So understand the value system of your company, your employees and also and also the people that you manage to make that call
so great can has been awesome. We'll do it again, right? Yeah. At some point, there's been a lot of fun thing through and yeah, get your mind going? Absolutely. Oh, thanks so much. Stay. See you later, guys. Thanks
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