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Video Transcription
moving on to the top right corner of the screen. We will be going over the present and comments button first. I would like to go over the comments button. This is where the cyber team will leave you. Comments on your slides of any changes need to be made.
If a comment has been left on your slide, you will see a number with the icon that represents how many comments are on the slide.
As of now, this comments section will not ping you with an email to let you know a comment has been left. Because of this, the cyber team will also send you a message in your discord channel to let you know which slides we have left. Comments on
moving on to our last button here is present. Once you were completely finished with your course and all of your slides have been given the go ahead, it is time to record
before recording starts. You need to make sure you are on the correct slide for the lesson you will be recording.
Next, you will click on the present button and select present from this slide. This will open beautiful dot ai into presentation mode, allowing you to either click or use your arrow keys to move between slides.
As we can see one in presentation mode, we can still see my tool bar up at the top of the screen. To get this to go away, we will have to hover. Are mouses over the bottom middle of the screen?
Once doing so, we will get a pop up menu with the option we're looking for.
We will then click on this square icon just to the left of the exit button, which will expand beautiful dot ai To use your entire screen.
You will need to make sure when recording that you're presenting in full screen and that we cannot see your toolbar at the top.
This will help the cyber a team when editing your final course.
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